From: Jacek M. Holeczek (
Date: Sat Nov 20 2004 - 15:04:27 MET


> I assume that you would like to see these files visible somewhere
> from our VMC pages?

We've already talked about modifying the "howto" with Ivana ...
I proposed (she agreed) ... that we wait one or two month to gain some
more experience with it, before we really "advice" people to follow it.
In the meantime, people who need it NOW can use my roottalk mail(s) to get
it running NOW.
We also strongly hope that our G4 modifications will go to the G4
mainstream development. There should be a new G4 release in a couple of
weeks. Once we also know whether they took it or not, we can also advice
people how to proceed with the "newest" G4 (7.0) ...
(Basically, I volunteered to modify the "howto" then :-)

What concerns Qt "emit" ... it is clearly a Qt problem. I doubt, however,
that they will care ... especially for Qt releases that are already on the
market ...
You said it yourself ... it takes some minutes to install ROOT, but it
takes some hours to install Qt ...
I still think there is an easy way to "protect" root against this problem.
And it costs nothing ...
(Note here : I'm not a Qt fan ... I just occasionally need to use it.
I will NOT then try to get in touch with trolltech to inform them that
there is a problem. I think, someone who likes Qt and works with it daily
should do this ...)

Best regards,

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