Re: Debian Packages

From: Rene BRUN <>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 12:27:35 +0100

Hi Antonio,

To install ROOT with Pythia6, you do not have to install Pythia5 ! I would like to get rid of the interface with Pythia5 very soon.

Note also the neccessary steps to get libEGPythia6 created at the ROOT install page

Rene Brun

Antonio Amorim wrote:
> Christian Holm Christensen wrote:

>> Hi Daniele,
>> On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 20:58 +0100, Daniele Nicolodi wrote:
>>> Hello, i'm a youn scientist and was asked to me to learn something about
>>> root because i'll use it in a stage at the Tuebingen University. I'm in
>>> the world of open source software as user an programmer software since
>>> some years. I don't like C++ but i like a lot python so i'm pleased to
>>> see that root framework is binded to python.
>>> I run debian unstable on my machines so i tried to build debian packages
>>> but any package of the ones builded by 'make debian' contain python
>>> bindings even if i runned 'configure --enable-python'.
>> The problem is, that the current packaging scripts in ROOT are pretty
>> old - way before the Python bindings was introduced.   However, I have
>> recently revamped the packaging scripts and submitted a patch to Fons
>> that should take care of all this. 
>> The new packaging are far more flexible and easy to maintainer, so
>> updating to new `plugins' should be far easier.
>>> I have done something wrong or that is a limitation of the build
>>> system ?
>> You did nothing wrong.   It's to some extent my fault that I haven't
>> kept the scripts up to date for some time.  However, as soon as the
>> patch hits CVS, things should be much better :-)
>> Yours,

> Dear Christian,
> Please do not include a package for the root truetype fonts. They do
> not contain capital characters with accentuation and spoil many programs
> including openoffice that automatically uses them by default wen they
> become available.
> Also the Pythia situation was difficult for ROOT 04-02. It would be
> nice to be able to create the root-pythia6 with libpythia6 but without
> having to install the libpythia5 that is really very old. The present
> configure does not compile pythia6 if libpythia5 is not available.
> Please let us know when we can pick the new code to test and put them
> back in PAIPIX.
> All the best,
> Antonio Amorim
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