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From: Christian Holm Christensen <>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:54:07 +0100

Hi Antonio and Rene,

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 12:27 +0100, Rene BRUN wrote:
> Hi Antonio,
> To install ROOT with Pythia6, you do not have to install Pythia5 !
> I would like to get rid of the interface with Pythia5 very soon.

I think Antonio is concerned with the `debian' make target - which creates Debian GNU/Linux binary _packages_ - and not the normal `all' target that creates the binary installation.  

> Antonio Amorim wrote:
> > Dear Christian,
> >
> > Please do not include a package for the root truetype fonts. They do
> > not contain capital characters with accentuation and spoil many programs
> > including openoffice that automatically uses them by default wen they
> > become available.

I've made two packages that provide `root-ttf': `ttf-root' and `ttf-root-installer' both of these innstall fonts in `/usr/share/root/fonts' - not in `/usr/share/fonts' as they used to. I think that solves the problem, doesn't it?

The reason for the two packages are, that the TTF can legally not be redistributed in any other package format but the one provided by MS (that's explicit in the license), so the `installer' package gets the TTF's from the ROOT ftp server, and installs them.

In a perfect world, ROOT would use whatever fonts already on the system. However, to optimise screen and print output, ROOT chose to use TTF's. Currently, the TTF filenames are hardcoded in ROOT, and you have to use exactly these. Ideally you should be able to use any TTF, say FreeSans, FreeSerif, FreeMono, Computer Modern, and so on. However, AFAIU, that would require using some sort of font server, and not all X Windows implementations supports serving TTF fonts. Perhaps if ROOT would switch to some free (as in free beer and speech) fonts, it would be less of a hassle :-)

> > Also the Pythia situation was difficult for ROOT 04-02. It would be
> > nice to be able to create the root-pythia6 with libpythia6 but without
> > having to install the libpythia5 that is really very old. The present
> > configure does not compile pythia6 if libpythia5 is not available.

In the new patches, the event generators have been split into separate packages: `root-plugin-pythia5', `root-plugin-pythia6', and `root-plugin-venus'.

FYI, the new packages are:

         libroot-dev: Header files for ROOT
             libroot: Numerical data analysis framework - shared runtime libraries
            root-bin: Numerical data analysis framework - general applications
           root-cint: ROOT version of the C/C++ interpreter
            root-doc: Tutorial and test suit for the ROOT system
 root-plugin-asimage: AfterImage Plugin for ROOT
  root-plugin-castor: CASTOR Plugin for ROOT
   root-plugin-chirp: Chirp Plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-clarens: Clarens Plugin for ROOT
  root-plugin-dcache: dCache Plugin for ROOT
  root-plugin-fumili: Fumili Plugin for ROOT
      root-plugin-gl: GL Plugin for ROOT
   root-plugin-hbook: Hbook Plugin for ROOT
    root-plugin-ldap: Ldap Plugin for ROOT
  root-plugin-minuit: Minuit Plugin for ROOT
     root-plugin-mlp: mlp Plugin for ROOT
   root-plugin-mysql: MySQL Plugin for ROOT
    root-plugin-netx: NetX Plugin for ROOT
    root-plugin-peac: PEAC Plugin for ROOT
   root-plugin-pgsql: PostgreSQL Plugin for ROOT
   root-plugin-proof: proof Plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-pythia5: Pythia version 5 Plugin for ROOT
 root-plugin-pythia6: Pythia version 6 Plugin for ROOT
  root-plugin-python: Python Plugin for ROOT
      root-plugin-qt: Qt Plugin for ROOT
   root-plugin-quadp: QuadP Plugin for ROOT
    root-plugin-ruby: Ruby Plugin for ROOT
   root-plugin-sapdb: sapdb Plugin for ROOT
   root-plugin-venus: Venus Plugin for ROOT
     root-plugin-xml: XML Plugin for ROOT
         root-proofd: Parallel ROOt Facility - distributed, parallel computing
          root-rootd: ROOT remote file server
         root-xrootd: Extented ROOT file server
                root: Meta package to install all ROOT packages
  ttf-root-installer: True type fonts for ROOT - installer package
            ttf-root: True type fonts for ROOT

Only the packages for there exists the needed third party libraries on the system, will be build.

> > Please let us know when we can pick the new code to test and put them
> > back in PAIPIX.

I don't know when Fons will complete the integration, but I'll try to let you know when it does happen. BTW, what is PAIPIX?


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