Re: root 4.04/02 possible bugs and suggestions

From: Valeriy Onuchin <>
Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 13:22:36 +0200

Hi Thomas,
thanks for reporting it.

Thomas Bretz wrote:

> Dear all,
> using the new pro-version with our analysis software I found a lot of
> stuff, which I like to tell you:

> * When creating a bmp from a canvas I get an error reading it with gimp
> or xv saying: Invalid compression 1

There are platform dependent limitaions for some image formats: BMP - works under M$ windows only. We will fix it. TIFF - works only if libtff library is present (no under M$ windows), also can be "fixed".

> * While creating a tiff I get an error saying: Invalid format 24bit

Who "said" it? Give me an example. There is problem display produced TIFF images with xv (3.10), but looks like it's a bug in xv itself.

> * when creating gif (or others) in batch mode I get a crash in
> TASImage::DrawRectangle

I see not problems with it.
I tested many macros from ROOT tutorials: hsimple.C
... ,etc

Give an example, please.

> * It would be nice if TVirtualPS derived classes would support writing
> it to a pipe instead of a file only.

I added TASImage::GetImageBuffer, TASImage::SetImageBuffer TImage/TASImage classes, which allow to get/set "compressed" image buffer. The similar method could be introduced for TVirtualPS derived classes (2 minutes work for TImageDump).

> This would allow to send a
> postscript directly to a pipe (a2ps, lpr, etc)
> BTW: Independant of all critics: root 4.04/02 seems to work very well
> and behaves stable. I like the new version!

Thanks. Regards. Valeriy Received on Mon May 09 2005 - 13:22:42 MEST

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