Re: root 4.04/02 possible bugs and suggestions

From: Olivier Couet <>
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 13:26:12 +0200 (CEST)

> * When creating a bmp from a canvas I get an error reading it with gimp or xv
> saying: Invalid compression 1

I agree. We will investigate.

> * While creating a tiff I get an error saying: Invalid format 24bit

I do not see that:

root [0] .x hsimple.C
root [1] c1->Print("c1.tiff")
Info in <TCanvas::Print>: file c1.tiff has been created root [2]

> * when creating gif (or others) in batch mode I get a crash in
> TASImage::DrawRectangle

I do not see that either:> root.exe -b
root [1] .x hsimple.C
root [2] c1->Print("c1.gif")

> * the member functions Range() and TextNDC are available in all TVirtualPS
> derived classes, but not in the base class - which makes it hard to use them
> with TVirtualPS.

I think they are available when needed. Have you an example showing why you need them in th ebase class ?

> * TPostScript doesn't write the Landscape tag
> %%Orientation: Landscape
> to a postscript file if TPostScript is instantiated as landscape

%%Orientation has never been put in the ROOT ps files. We can add it if it is really needed.

> * TPDF and TPostScript behaves different when calling NewPage() before
> anything was put in the document (TPostScript seem to ignore the new page
> request, TPDF inserts an emty page)

Can you send me an example ?

> * The kFullDotMedium seem to be a bit large in PDF files

Can you send me an example ?

> * Range() seems to behave different for TPostScript and TPDF:
> + The Range() call in TPDF seems to change the page size. But this works
> only for the first page. All following pages (also if called again for each
> page) stay the original size.

Can you send me an example ?

> + in TPostScript the page size stays the same all the time (as expected) but
> the contants of the page is resized.

Can you send me an example ?

> + Makeing the Raneg smaller in a pdf the contents is in the lower left
> corner of the page, while it seems that it is centered in Postscript.

Can you send me an example ?

> * It would be nice if TVirtualPS derived classes would support writing it to a
> pipe instead of a file only. This would allow to send a postscript directly to
> a pipe (a2ps, lpr, etc)

Yes it would be nice, but I am not sure to know how to do that.

> BTW: Independant of all critics: root 4.04/02 seems to work very well and
> behaves stable. I like the new version!

BTW TPostScript and TPDF have not changed for a very long time.


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