Re: Deleting TGlobal objects from memory

From: Germano Percossi <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 11:34:27 +0200

Rene Brun wrote:
> -what are these globals that you want to delete?
> -you did not send Pamela.hh

Sorry again, my brain maybe is definitively gone..

Now is attached.

I'd like to remove PAMELA_HH macro definition because, I suppose, if I change
some functions in the source file the next time I load, it the header file will not be read again and new function prototypes (if any) will differ from the loaded ones (through the old .hh file).

Anyway, for reasons that can be very different from this case, I'd like to know if each element of TSeqCollection that stores TGlobal can be deleted separately, provided objects they store are also correctly deleted.

> Rene Brun

Thanks again and regards

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