Re: removing labels from TAxis (?)

From: Mateusz Ploskon <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 12:49:39 +0200


Thank You for Your reply Olivier, however that is not what I had in mind... The figure I have send is produced by a generic function where the no. of columns and rows iare naturally parameters... Therefore when drawing a (given) number of the histograms with (not known) XY axis ranges it is somewhat ridiculus to optimize/force the Ndivisions "by hand" for each picture I want to produce... I would like to know if there's possibility to avoid drawing the first or the last of the TAxis labels (which is most of the times the case...) - e.g. I would like that ROOT makes the label optimization around given N-divisions, but does not draw the last label (which most often goes out of TPad boundaries when TPad::SetRightMargin(0) for X axis or TPad::SetTopMargin(0) for Y axis...

Thanks much!
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