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From: Antonio Amorim <>
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 13:27:11 +0100

Dear Colleagues,
  I have been trying to compile root version 4.04.02 on my Debian system and I got the following problems:

1 - build/package/debian/changelog is not updated and defines and older version. I have solved it by including in the changelog the new version.   Please do this automatically because this problem keeps coming back.

2 - Root can not compile if the debian libafterimage-dev package is installed because it picks the "old" include files from there. I have uninstalled it but, then one has to remove the libafterimage-dev dependency form the control file. I include a possible patch in attachment but please discuss it before including it in the repository. In this way libafterimage gets compiled in root. I have not checked if it gets installed in the root packages.

3 - There is a problem in that is compiled as (I think) but tries to install as I include the error message bellow.

	dh_install --list-missing \
         --sourcedir=debian/tmp -proot-plugin-asimage 

-proot-plugin-hbook -proot-plugin-krb5 -proot-plugin-ldap
-proot-plugin-mysql -proot-plugin-gl -proot-plugin-pgsql
-proot-plugin-pythia6 -proot-plugin-python -proot-plugin-xml
-proot-xrootd -proot-plugin-netx -proot-plugin-fumili
-proot-plugin-minuit -proot-plugin-mlp -proot-plugin-proof -proot-proofd
-proot-plugin-quadp -proot-rootd -proot-cint -plibroot-dev -proot-bin
-plibroot \
         -Xetc/root/rootd \
         -Xusr/include/root/config.h \

cp: cannot stat `debian/tmp/usr/lib/root/': No such file or directory

All the best,
António Amorim

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