Re: TFraction Fitter extension

From: Axel Naumann <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 11:33:15 +0200

Hi Art,

Arthur E. Snyder wrote:
>>but when I try to compile it in my usual ROOT enviroment I get a lot
>>of complaints about undefined TDate::operator= and such. It looks like
>>there's some kind of pre-processor that will add some machine dependent
>>functions to my .cxx to produce a .cc that can be compiled. Is that right?
>>How do I do it?

it's kind of hard to tell without knowing your sources, nor your build environment, nor the exact error message which would allow us to see whether your compiler or rootcint complains.

ROOT uses regular C preprocessor (CPP) macros which should not show up in your sources (e.g. a function called R__UNIX() is not a good idea). You can see what CPP made out of your sources by calling e.g.

gcc `root-config --cflags` -E $ROOTSYS/hist/src/TFractionFitter.cxx |less

(your code comes at the end, after all the #includes). Otherwise you'll have to send us some code that reproduces this problem.

Cheers, Axel. Received on Wed Jul 27 2005 - 11:33:47 MEST

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