Re: TCanvas::SaveAs()

From: Ilka Antcheva <>
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 13:46:43 +0200

Hi Magar,

I see no problem using the cvs head, but I can reproduce the reported case with ROOT v.4.04/02 in SLC3. The work around is already seen by you - to use the File menu / Save and SaveAs commands instead of the one from the context menu.

Cheers, Ilka

Margar SIMONYAN wrote:

> Dear all
> I have the following problem saving canvas in jpg format. I would like
> to save canvas with name different from canvas name, so use SaveAs
> function from popup menu and enter c.jpg. The result you can see in
> attachment. The small window is visible for unknown reason. But
> everything is normal when use Save and SaveAs from File menu.
> I am using ROOT 4.04/02 in SLC3.
> Best regards,
> Margar Simonyan
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