TControlBar in a class

From: Panos Christakoglou <>
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 14:32:18 +0200

Dear all,

suppose I have a class with two methods (apart from the constructor etc):

void MyClass::PrintEventStats()
void MyClass::ShowResults()

Inside the Show method I create a TControlBar object with several buttons such as "Event stats", "Show analysis cuts" etc. Each of these buttons is supposed to call some other method of the same class. Let's say that the "Event stats" button should call the PrinEventStats method. Inside the class this is implemented as follows:

void MyClass::ShowResults()
  TControlBar *menu1 = new TControlBar("vertical","Event Cuts",10,10);   menu1->AddButton("Event
statistics","MyClass::PrintEventStats()","Displays the event statistics");



It compiles, I load the .so, create a MyClass object but when I press the "Event stats" button I get a segmentation violation.

Any ideas on what to put in the action?


ps: If I use menu1->AddButton("Event
statistics","PrintEventStats()","Displays the event statistics") I get that the fuction is not defined.  

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