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From: Giorgio De Nunzio <>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 16:02:59 +0200

Hi all! Me again, back from the seaside (but returning there this evening till September :-)

I have a problem with events in a MDI scheme.

In two words, my problem is that, connecting a CloseWindow() member to the CloseWindow slot of a TGMainFrame, works when my script is interpreted, while it
does not when it is compiled: in this case I get message:

  Error in <TQObject::CheckConnectArgs>: slot TGAppMainFrame::CloseWindow() does not exist

The following notes are probably useless, you'll perhaps give me an answer by simply reading the error message above :-) ! Anyway I prefer to give you the details just in case..
Ah, I am including the three final files: code, include, linkdef, in case someone wants to try!

Here is all the procedure that leads me to the problem.

First, take mditest.C, and execute it with

 .x mditest.C

(by the way, how can I tell ROOT that scripts can be elsewhere than $ROOTSYS/macros? Everytime I try a tutorial, I have to take it from its directory and put it into the macros directory.. I'll discover this myself when I
have some spare minutes, anyway ;-)
So, back to the main problem!

Executing by cint this code works nicely and we have our MDI program working.

Now note that closing this program by File->Exit goes back to the linux command line (because CloseWindow() is executed, and this method contains gApplication->Terminate(0)) while clicking on the X icon closes the program but remains in
ROOT. To overcome this slight inconsistency, add this line:

     fMain->Connect("CloseWindow()", "TGAppMainFrame", this, "CloseWindow()");

immediately after

     fMain = new TGMainFrame(p, w, h, kVerticalFrame);

and execute the code again.

Now also clicking on the X icon closes ROOT, which means we are calling CloseWindow().

So, the code is right.


Now let us try and compile this code.
We have to separate the definitions (to be put into a .h file) from the implementation, so that rootcint can build up its dictionary (ah, I could perhaps simply put everything in the .h file leaving the .cxx one almost empty).

It is simple: cut the mditest.C file into two parts, say mditest.h from the start to (and excluding) the first implementation line:

  TGAppMainFrame::TGAppMainFrame(const TGWindow *p, int w, int h)

and mditest.cxx from that point on.

Add line
 ClassDef(TGAppMainFrame, 1)
to mditest.h (within the TGAppMainFrame class definition), and lines  #include mditest.h
to mditest.cxx.

Create file mditest_linkdef.h:

#ifdef __CINT__
#pragma link off all globals;
#pragma link off all classes;
#pragma link off all functions;
#pragma link C++ class TGAppMainFrame+;

Uh! I hope you are having patience...

Now, ROOT, then .x mditest.cxx: it works exactly as before (CloseWindow() is called when X is clicked).

 .L mditest.cxx+

 .x mditest.cxx+

Now exiting by the X icon does not use CloseWindow(). CINT reply when executing the code is:

  Error in <TQObject::CheckConnectArgs>: slot TGAppMainFrame::CloseWindow() does not exist

I know that the Event class is added to the CINT dictionary by the rootcint utility (see the ROOT user's guide) so I think something is wrong with my dictionary generation. But.. what?

Sorry for being so verbose!


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