R: How can I know that a window has been resized?

From: Giorgio De Nunzio <giorgio.denunzio_at_aliceposta.it>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 16:02:58 +0200

Hi Ilka, thanks for your kind reply!
While I was at the seaside with my faithful notebook (working at the seaside is the only way of remaining a whole month in vacation...), I found the HandleConfigureNotify method and I tried it, but something went wrong: looking at your code I see that I was not doing things as I should. Now that I have your correct code I'll try again, I'm sure everything will be ok now! Thanks!


>If you want to do something when the window is resized, you need to use
>the method
>HandleConfigureNotify(Event_t *event) method of TGFrame. For example:
>Bool_t YourClass::HandleConfigureNotify(Event_t* event)
> TGFrame::HandleConfigureNotify(event);
> SomeRedrawingYouWant();
> return kTRUE;
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