Problem with treeviewer

From: Luca Grandi <>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 18:53:24 +0200

Dear all, I have a problem with a macro. I would like to stress that as you will see by the following macro I am not a pro-user. The macro is

void macroask()


void macrow()


void macro5_root_bk()

    Int_t choice;
    char fn_root[100];

    printf("Are you going to create root files (1) or just to analize (2)?");

    printf("%d runmax",run_max);
    if (choice==1)

    TChain chain("Eventi");
    for(int s=0;s<=run_max;s++)

        printf("Adding file %s\n",fn_root);


My problem is that if a executed the macro through the

.x macro5_root_bk.C

It opens a treeviewer window but as soon as I try to double click on a leaf I get the error

The same error is NOT obtained if instead of executing the hole macro a pass through command line interface the list of all the instructions contained in the function macro5_root_bk. In that case the double click works perfectly. Any help please?

The second question is connected to the possibility of saving CUTS into treeviewer. I would like to add to the above macro some fixed cuts through the command

item = treeview->ExpressionItem(3);
item->SetExpression("XXXX", "YYYY");

Obviously instead of treeview I should insert the name of the object created by chain.StartViewer() command. Which name is assigned by default to that object?


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