Re: Problem with treeviewer

From: Germano Percossi <>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 11:18:41 +0200

Luca Grandi wrote:
> Dear all, I have a problem with a macro. I would like to stress that as you
> will see by the following macro I am not a pro-user.
> The macro is


> My problem is that if a executed the macro through the
> .x macro5_root_bk.C
> It opens a treeviewer window but as soon as I try to double click on a leaf
> I get the error
> *** Break *** bus error
> The same error is NOT obtained if instead of executing the hole macro a pass
> through command line interface the list of all the instructions contained in
> the function macro5_root_bk. In that case the double click works perfectly.
> Any help please?

Maybe the one you call "macro" is not so. A macro starts with "{": you have defined a C function instead. Leave the name of the file macro5_root_bk.C as it is but clear the line
void macro5_root_bk()
to use it as a macro.

If I'm wrong someone more expert will correct me.

Regards, Germano

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