Managing multiple events

From: Alberto Pulvirenti <>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 18:32:49 +0100

Dear ROOTers,

I ask for a suggestion to solve a (maybe) silly problem in an application of mine.
My problem is the following: I have a lot of files containing an event, which all reconstructed tracks.
What I have to do is selecting the tracks which are useful for my analysis and collect them into some kind of strudture, according to their PID (specifically, 4 arrays: pi+, pi-, K+ and K-). This is needed because I could repeat the successive analysis on them more than once, so this will accelerate the computing operations. What I tried to do is creating a TTree object whose branches are 4 TTrees, each one containing all interesting data (momentum, vertex, PID) of each particle (one TTree for each kind of particle). Each of these branches was a TTree with many branches of "primitive" data types (6 Double_t and 4 Int_t), which I created with a structure. Unfortunately, when I try to read these data, I often encounter some kinds of errors, or some memory leaks, and I thought that this could be due to using a TTree as a branch object.

So, I would ask if it is completely wrong to do something like that (namely, using TTrees as branches of a higher-level TTree), or if I must do something at the initialization level, in order to work properly with this kind of structure.

Thanks a lot and best regards,

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