FW: Exception catching across a call to ProcessLineFast

From: Nick West <n.west1_at_physics.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 10:40:29 -0000

Dear RootTalk,

Is there a limitation on ProcessLineFast that prevents code from catching an exception thrown from code called via ProcessLineFast?


  try { gROOT->ProcessLineFast("MyFunction()"); }   catch(object-thrown-by-MyFunction) { ...}

and if not, can anyone see what's wrong with the attached macro where the catch works fine for a direct call but fails when the call goes via ProcessLineFast.

Note I am using ACliC; I am not expecting exception handling to be handled within CINT.

I am running Scientific Linux SL Release 3.0.4 (SL)

             gcc version 3.2.3 2

With ROOT 4.04/02 build 12 September 2005

With ROOT 5.08/00 build 13 December 2005

  Error: C++ exception caught :0:

and ROOT recovers but I have lost the exception information.


Nick West

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