RE: FW: Exception catching across a call to ProcessLineFast

From: Philippe Canal <>
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 12:25:56 -0600

Hi Nick,

The CINT interpreter whether it is called directly from the prompt or via ProcessLine(Fast) has its own exception handler (to avoid that the interpreter crashes upon an exception). To disable it (and to re-enable it) use :


and your code will properly work.


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Subject: [ROOT] FW: Exception catching across a call to ProcessLineFast

Dear RootTalk,

Is there a limitation on ProcessLineFast that prevents code from catching an exception thrown from code called via ProcessLineFast?


  try { gROOT->ProcessLineFast("MyFunction()"); }   catch(object-thrown-by-MyFunction) { ...}

and if not, can anyone see what's wrong with the attached macro where the catch works fine for a direct call but fails when the call goes via ProcessLineFast.

Note I am using ACliC; I am not expecting exception handling to be handled within CINT.

I am running Scientific Linux SL Release 3.0.4 (SL)

             gcc version 3.2.3 2

With ROOT 4.04/02 build 12 September 2005

With ROOT 5.08/00 build 13 December 2005

  Error: C++ exception caught :0:

and ROOT recovers but I have lost the exception information.


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