error with rootcint

From: Piergiorgio Cerello <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 11:09:01 +0100

when trying to compile my code (on macosx 10.4) I get a series of errors like the following: error: looser throw specifier for 'virtual ROOT::Shadow::MGPixelDatalEintgR::RangeError::~RangeError()' /usr/include/gcc/darwin/4.0/c++/exception:58: error: overriding 'virtual std::exception::~exception() throw ()'

the problem appeared after a
cvs update I did yesterday

the error disappears if in the file I replace:

virtual ~RangeError() {};
virtual ~RangeError() throw() {};

how can I make rootcint generate the dictionary in the correct form? thanks,

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