Tspectrum and background estimation

From: Marco Calviani <marco.calviani_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 17:45:04 +0200

Hi list,

   i have a problem regarding the use of Tspectrum and background determination. I'm currently using TSpectrum::Search in order to find the peaks of a given spectrum; in addition to this i would like to estimate the background of the latter with these instructions:

  TSpectrum *s = new TSpectrum();
  int numberiteration=5;
  const char *fondo = s->Background(h,numberiteration,"");

However after a successfully compiling procedure, whenever i try to launch the program, it exits with this error:

Background function not yet implemented:

How would it be possible to implement it? Is this different with TSpectrum2? (please note that i'm using ROOT version 5.08/00)

Marco Calviani Received on Sat Jun 24 2006 - 17:46:10 MEST

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