Re: Tspectrum and background estimation

From: Rene Brun <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 09:10:50 +0200


The interface for TSpectrum::Background in the case of 1-d histograms is only implemented
in the CVS version. See: An example is shown in the tutorials peaks.C

If you do not want to move to the CVS version (our next release is planned for 11 July),
you can use the other function TSpectrum::Background that accepts as input an array
that can contain your histogram bin contents. See an example of use in the new Bacground function at

Rene Brun

Marco Calviani wrote:
> Hi list,
> i have a problem regarding the use of Tspectrum and background
> determination. I'm currently using TSpectrum::Search in order to find
> the peaks of a given spectrum; in addition to this i would like to
> estimate the background of the latter with these instructions:
> TSpectrum *s = new TSpectrum();
> int numberiteration=5;
> const char *fondo = s->Background(h,numberiteration,"");
> However after a successfully compiling procedure, whenever i try to
> launch the program, it exits with this error:
> Background function not yet implemented:
> How would it be possible to implement it? Is this different with
> TSpectrum2? (please note that i'm using ROOT version 5.08/00)
> Regards,
> Marco Calviani
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