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From: Andy Buckley <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 17:20:11 +0100

Apologies if any of you get this reply twice: I sent it yesterday but seem to have got the wrong address as I wasn't a ROOTtalk subscriber:

Maurizio Panniello wrote:
> Hi,
> I noted that Andy Buckley
> ( added to wikipedia a
> criticism about
> ROOT,( I'm
> generally agree with him about this problems in root but the aim of
> wikipedia is to be neutral and maybe somebody can add or correct the
> Buckley's point of view or point the problems in discussion page. I
> think the wikipedia is today very important first information page for
> new users so mantain a correct and neutral point of view here is
> extremely important.

Yes, that was me :)

I agree that the article needs editing to make those points more neutral: I was aware of that as I wrote it but expected that (as is now happening) the community would naturally re-align the article.

However, before editing begins, I would like to stress that "criticism" sections on Wikipedia articles are not unusual and I would object to entirely moving them to a "hidden" discussion area (if that's what you're suggesting). Open and informed criticism is integral to providing "a correct and neutral point of view" and I'm more than happy for the HEP/Wikipedia community to correct and reword my contributions, provided that they aren't deleted just because they're unpalatable to some. I hope that won't be the case.

See you on the discussion page!


PS. Please CC me on any ROOTtalk discussion about this: I'm not a subscriber.

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