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Hello Andy,

Would you mind to introduce yourself?

Does your statement

> Please CC me on any ROOTtalk discussion about this: I'm not a
> subscriber.

indicates that you are not aware about the current status of ROOT and the ROOT progress?

Before starting any discussion, it would be nice to know where your information about ROOT coming from.
It may have spared us a lot of talking hours.

Are you an active ROOT user / developer for example ?

Best regards

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> Apologies if any of you get this reply twice: I sent it yesterday but
> seem to have got the wrong address as I wasn't a ROOTtalk subscriber:
> Maurizio Panniello wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I noted that Andy Buckley
> > ( added to wikipedia a
> > criticism about
> > ROOT,(
> > generally agree with him about this problems in root but the aim of
> > wikipedia is to be neutral and maybe somebody can add or correct the
> > Buckley's point of view or point the problems in discussion page. I
> > think the wikipedia is today very important first information page
> > new users so mantain a correct and neutral point of view here is
> > extremely important.
> Yes, that was me :)
> I agree that the article needs editing to make those points more
> neutral: I was aware of that as I wrote it but expected that (as is
> happening) the community would naturally re-align the article.
> However, before editing begins, I would like to stress that
> sections on Wikipedia articles are not unusual and I would object to
> entirely moving them to a "hidden" discussion area (if that's what
> you're suggesting). Open and informed criticism is integral to
> "a correct and neutral point of view" and I'm more than happy for the
> HEP/Wikipedia community to correct and reword my contributions,
> that they aren't deleted just because they're unpalatable to some. I
> hope that won't be the case.
> See you on the discussion page!
> Andy
> PS. Please CC me on any ROOTtalk discussion about this: I'm not a
> subscriber.
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