Re: Re: Wikipedia criticism about root

From: Andy Buckley <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 19:02:19 +0100

Fine, Valeri wrote:
> Hello Andy,
> Would you mind to introduce yourself?

I'm a HEP researcher at the IPPP phenomenology group in Durham, UK. Previously I was a PhD student in the Cambridge, UK LHCb group. Nowadays most of my work is on MC generator interfacing, tuning etc. (CEDAR, Rivet, HepML, ...) and HepData.

> Does your statement

>> Please CC me on any ROOTtalk discussion about this: I'm not a
>> subscriber.

> indicates that you are not aware about the current status of ROOT and
> the ROOT progress?

No, I just don't use ROOT any more and so don't have any need to read what's on this list. I've temporarily re-subscribed for this discussion.

Other than what I saw presented at PhyStat05, CHEP06 and generally being in touch with people who use(d) ROOT, I'm not actively tracking ROOT's development. I'm happy to be corrected and would be over the moon to hear if issues I've raised have been fixed.

> Before starting any discussion, it would be nice to know where your
> information about ROOT coming from.
> It may have spared us a lot of talking hours.
> Are you an active ROOT user / developer for example ?

I *was* an active user and made a couple of very minor development contributions (a bug fix in hadd, maybe something else). Nowadays I just keep as up to date as possible through indirect channels. As far as I can see, though, my criticisms are still valid.

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