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From: Mario Kadastik <>
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 12:45:27 +0300

> have a look at the Makefile in test, where libEvent is build from
> Event.cxx and the dictionary generated on Event.h. You'll need
> gcc `root-config --cflags` -c MyClass.cxx
> rootcint -f MyClassDict.cxx -c -p MyClass.h MyClassLinkdef.h
> gcc `root-config --cflags` -c MyClassDict.cxx
> ld `root-config --ldflags` `root-config --glibs` MyClass.o
> MyClassDict.o
> -o test
> MyClassLinkdef.h contains
> #ifdef __CINT__
> #pragma link off all globals;
> #pragma link off all classes;
> #pragma link off all functions;
> #pragma link C++ class TMyClass;
> #endif

ok I now cluttered all my classes into one file called particles.cpp and particles.h and used ACLiC which produced That works just nicely and I can do all I wanted just fine hence great thanks to you (couldn't use the gcc commands you sent me as I had 3 classes in that file and couldn't quite figure out how to modify Linkdef.h file to incorporate all the classes, but ACLiC at least did the job).

However I do have one more question. Is there some way I could tell ACLiC what the final library name should be? Like I'd like it to be so that I can add this library to also other codes and use it in compilation with -lMyParticles. I did try the easy way of renaming the library and it worked in compilation, but if I then do ldd <binary> then it searches for so the trick doesn't work fully :P

Thanks in advance,

Mario Kadastik
CMS experiment

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