AW: running executable under windows

From: Jan Fränkle <>
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 12:05:03 +0200

Hello again,
now I'm able to run the executable without any error message, but when the first root object is defined in the program, the program stops to continue.
My assumption is, that it do not find the libraries or headers or something else, I don't know.

 PATH = D:\programme\root\lib;D:\programme\cygwin\bin

 linker: D:\programme\root\lib

ROOTSYS is only set inside cygwin to D:\programme\root

Do I have to set ROOTSYS also as an environment variable in windows?


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Hi Jan,

how do you link your executable? When trying to run it, do you have the proper libCint.dll, libHist.dll, etc in your %PATH%? Where does %ROOTSYS% point to when you run your executable?

You can get depends.exe (ask Google) to check which libCint.dll your binary picks up. My guess is that it takes the wrong one - "wrong" as in: you linked with one version, and try to execute with another.

Cheers, Axel.

Jan Fränkle wrote:
> Hi rooters,
> I want to run a root-executable under Windows XP, i.e. the executable
> uses some classes like TF1, TH1 and TCanvas. So I installed cygwin and
> root 4.02/00. The macro works, while running it with root, completely
> without any problems, but after compiling I run it as a standalone
> programm and then this error message appears:
> "?ExecDouble_at_G__CallFunc@@QAENPAX_at_Z" was not found in "libCint.dll" .
> Knows anybody of you this error and can help me?
> Thank you!
> Best regards,
> Jan
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