Re: Response to ROOT criticism?

From: Yue ZHOU <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 16:39:44 +0200

Andy Buckley wrote:
>> AHAHAH! You probably forgot a long list of other candidates. This is
>> the typical argument of a teen ager computer scientist
> [...]
>> you will fail in your projects if you do not understand this point.
>> Probably simply a question of experience.
> [...]
>> Let's talk about this in a few years, if you are still in the field.
> Why would I stay when treated like this? :) Never outside this list
> have I been so vigorously attacked in what should be a technical
> software discussion. So can we leave the personal jibes out of it,
> please?

Dear Buckley,
imho, I dont think you are attacked as you have no idea how pragmatic root developers are.
root has same merits as paw (1)rapid prototyping (2)rapid user support, which are the biggest DESIGN
merit. other design faults can be solved by user feedback, not by this thread as you are not a user at least now:)

> Incidentally, like Julius, I lost heart in this discussion even before
> it began, and I suspect it's now time to stop. My points are made,
> anyway. If there are any more (civil) responses to be made, please CC
> me directly.
> Andy
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