Root interactive using. was: RE: Response to ROOT criticism?

From: Valeri Onuchin <>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 17:33:18 +0200


> Andy Buckley wrote:

>Yes, it would but no-one else in the world needs it to do so, because
>no-one else tries to interpret C++. Because that's not what it's
>designed for. And this is exactly why I hardly ever use ROOT interactively.

I partially agree with it.
Even with having TAB-completion mechanism in ROOT many people/users have "nostalgia" about the shortest as possible commands and pretty good online help of KUIP/PAW. In general, it's possible to revitalize KUIP inside CINT/ROOT because most of the PAW commands can be easily "translated" into ROOT ones.

Why not to "convert opportunistic enthutsiasm" into creativity :-)

Regards. Valeriy Received on Mon Aug 07 2006 - 17:33:25 MEST

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