Re: delete chain

From: Paul Russo <>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:20:54 -0500


You don't say which version of Root you are running, but the description of your problem sounds like an issue we are aware of having to do with the destructor for TBranchElement's. The patch for this problem will probably be committed to the repository in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile if you could provide a (small) sample set of data files and a minimal demonstration code we could investigate further.

Luca Grandi wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have edited a root macro in which first I fill a set of trees, save them
> into files and then I add to a chain a selection of these files containing
> the trees. The chain is defined as
> TChain *chain = new TChain("Eventi").
> I need to use the "new" sintax since I need to open a treeviewer on the
> chain to access data and play with them even after the macro is executed.
> Even if, everytime I run the macro the above object is recreated and even if
> I placed a command like
> delete chain
> it seems to me that the memory is not cleared until i exit ROOT. I do not
> know why but the chain still contains the data of the first time I run it
> within a ROOT session. Is there a way to delete this object. I tried
> gROOT->Clear() and gROOT->delete() at the beginning but without luck.
> Any suggestions?
> thaks
> Luca
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