RE: installing root from source using visual C++

From: Philippe Canal <>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 10:52:05 -0500

Note that there is a 'free' version of MSVC 7.1


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Hi George,

MSVC6 is a fairly buggy compiler; ROOT will not build with it. Please move to MSVC>=7.1 (aka >=2003). MSVC 7.0 is not good enough.

Cheers, Axel.

George Locke wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having trouble installing root (ver 5.13.02) on my windoze box
> (windows 2000 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4).
> I was able to install it using cygwin/gcc, but for various reasons, i
> need to install it using Visual C++ 6.0 . I tried following these
> instructions but they
> failed early b/c the batch file looks for a .sln file which is created
> by visual studio .net but not by 6.0. (it seems that the .dsw file is
> analogous to the .sln file but simply substituting .dsw for .sln did
> not do the trick).
> I configured with the ./configure win32 command (in the cygwin command
> line, since the DOS prompt doesn't recognize configure). I tried
> making in cygwin, but cygwin is unable to create rmkdepend.exe. At
> first, make was not a recognized command in DOS, so I downloaded a
> windows version of make (version 3.78.1 from here
> ). It seems that the make i dl'd
> from there was able to create rmkdepend, but i am not sure if it is
> configured correctly.
> aside from some warnings from about root's exception handling (warning
> C4530), there were some error messages sent to the command line, not
> included in the makelog (cuz dos is eminently stupid), which i'm
> posting here: )
> dos promt says "
> link: invalid option --n
> try 'link --help' for more information.
> build/win/ line 59: bin/bindexplib: No such file or directory
> link: invalid option --D
> try 'link --help' for more information.
> make: *** [lib/libCint.dll] Error 1
> "
> in the file on line 59 i find the lline "$bindexp $name
> $R__OBJS > $libdir/${name}.def " i could provide more context here
> but i don't really understand what i'm looking at.
> "Error 1" is certainly most inscrutable. There is no file or folder
> [source_dir]/bin/bindexplib , and the makelog entry for libCint
> includes a reference to such a file/folder, which clearly indicates a
> problem.
> No files or folders have been created within the target rootsys directory.
> I am at a loss as to how to proceed.
> If somebody can explain how to edit the .sh file from Axel Naumann's
> page ( ) to be used
> on my .dsw file instead of the .sln file it looks for i would be most
> obliged.
> Regards,
> George
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