Re: find a Zero of a function

From: Rene Brun (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 17:07:56 MEST

Eugeniy A. Kravchenko wrote:
> Hello,
>         I need to find a Zero of a function of one real variable (for
> example polinomial fo 9-th degree). Is it possible to do this using
> standart ROOT classes (TMath, TFunction ...) or I need to write
> a small function with iterations based on Newton method or some other?

ROOT is still missing this kind of utility functions.
We would be happy to support a TUtils class with frequently used
functions like this one in the same way that we have TMath today.
We do not have the manpower right now to implement this class,
but we can coordinate the design  or adapt algorithms.

Rene Brun

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