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RArrowDS.cxx File Reference
#include <ROOT/RDF/Utils.hxx>
#include <ROOT/TSeq.hxx>
#include <ROOT/RArrowDS.hxx>
#include <snprintf.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <memory>
#include <sstream>
#include <string>
#include <arrow/table.h>
#include <arrow/stl.h>
Include dependency graph for RArrowDS.cxx:


class  ROOT::Internal::RDF::ArrayPtrVisitor
class  ROOT::RDF::RDFTypeNameGetter
 Helper to get the contents of a given column. More...
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< T >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< bool >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< double >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< float >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< int16_t >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< int32_t >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< int8_t >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< Long64_t >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< uint16_t >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< uint32_t >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< uint8_t >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RootConversionTraits< ULong64_t >
class  ROOT::Internal::RDF::TValueGetter
 Helper class which keeps track for each slot where to get the entry. More...
class  ROOT::RDF::VerifyValidColumnType
 Helper to determine if a given Column is a supported type. More...


namespace  ROOT
 This file contains a specialised ROOT message handler to test for diagnostic in unit tests.
namespace  ROOT::Internal
namespace  ROOT::Internal::RDF
namespace  ROOT::RDF


#define ROOT_ARROW_STL_CONVERSION(c_type, ArrowType_)


RDataFrame ROOT::RDF::FromArrow (std::shared_ptr< arrow::Table > table, std::vector< std::string > const &columnNames)
 Factory method to create a Apache Arrow RDataFrame. More...
template<typename T >
std::shared_ptr< arrow::ChunkedArray > ROOT::RDF::getData (T p)
int ROOT::RDF::getNRecords (std::shared_ptr< arrow::Table > &table, std::vector< std::string > &columnNames)
void ROOT::RDF::splitInEqualRanges (std::vector< std::pair< ULong64_t, ULong64_t > > &ranges, int nRecords, unsigned int nSlots)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ROOT_ARROW_STL_CONVERSION (   c_type,
template <> \
struct RootConversionTraits<c_type> { \
using ArrowType = ::arrow::ArrowType_; \

Definition at line 62 of file RArrowDS.cxx.