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RAxis.hxx File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <cmath>
#include <limits>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <vector>
#include "ROOT/RAxisConfig.hxx"
#include <string_view>
#include "ROOT/RLogger.hxx"
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struct  ROOT::Experimental::Internal::AxisConfigToType< RAxisConfig::kEquidistant >
struct  ROOT::Experimental::Internal::AxisConfigToType< RAxisConfig::kGrow >
struct  ROOT::Experimental::Internal::AxisConfigToType< RAxisConfig::kIrregular >
struct  ROOT::Experimental::Internal::AxisConfigToType< RAxisConfig::kLabels >
class  ROOT::Experimental::RAxisBase::const_iterator
 Random const_iterator through bins. More...
class  ROOT::Experimental::RAxisBase
 Histogram axis base class. More...
class  ROOT::Experimental::RAxisEquidistant
 Axis with equidistant bin borders. More...
class  ROOT::Experimental::RAxisGrow
 An axis that can extend its range, keeping the number of its bins unchanged. More...
class  ROOT::Experimental::RAxisIrregular
 An axis with non-equidistant bins (also known as "variable binning"). More...
class  ROOT::Experimental::RAxisLabels
 A RAxisGrow that has a label assigned to each bin and a bin width of 1. More...


namespace  ROOT
 tbb::task_arena is an alias of tbb::interface7::task_arena, which doesn't allow to forward declare tbb::task_arena without forward declaring tbb::interface7
namespace  ROOT::Experimental
namespace  ROOT::Experimental::Internal


RAxisBase::const_iterator external operators
bool ROOT::Experimental::operator!= (RAxisBase::const_iterator lhs, RAxisBase::const_iterator rhs) noexcept
 i != j
RAxisBase::const_iterator ROOT::Experimental::operator+ (int d, RAxisBase::const_iterator rhs) noexcept
 2 + i
bool ROOT::Experimental::operator< (RAxisBase::const_iterator lhs, RAxisBase::const_iterator rhs) noexcept
 i < j
bool ROOT::Experimental::operator<= (RAxisBase::const_iterator lhs, RAxisBase::const_iterator rhs) noexcept
 i <= j
bool ROOT::Experimental::operator== (RAxisBase::const_iterator lhs, RAxisBase::const_iterator rhs) noexcept
 i == j
bool ROOT::Experimental::operator> (RAxisBase::const_iterator lhs, RAxisBase::const_iterator rhs) noexcept
 i > j
bool ROOT::Experimental::operator>= (RAxisBase::const_iterator lhs, RAxisBase::const_iterator rhs) noexcept
 i >= j

Axis Compatibility

EAxisCompatibility ROOT::Experimental::CanMap (const RAxisEquidistant &target, const RAxisEquidistant &source) noexcept
 Whether (and how) the source axis can be merged into the target axis.
enum class  ROOT::Experimental::EAxisCompatibility { ROOT::Experimental::kIdentical , ROOT::Experimental::kContains , ROOT::Experimental::kSampling , ROOT::Experimental::kIncompatible }

Detailed Description

Axel Naumann axel@.nosp@m.cern.nosp@m..ch
This is part of the ROOT 7 prototype! It will change without notice. It might trigger earthquakes. Feedback is welcome!

Definition in file RAxis.hxx.