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RootMetaSelection.h File Reference
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class  ROOT::Meta::Selection::ClassAttributes< classAttributes >
 Used to specify attributes of classes in the "DictSelection" syntax. More...
class  ROOT::Meta::Selection::KeepFirstTemplateArguments< I >
 Used to specify the number of arguments to be kept. More...
class  ROOT::Meta::Selection::MemberAttributes< memberAttributes >
 Used to specify attributes of data members in the "DictSelection" syntax. More...
class  ROOT::Meta::Selection::SelectNoInstance
 Used to avoid to select all instances of a template. More...


namespace  ROOT
 tbb::task_arena is an alias of tbb::interface7::task_arena, which doesn't allow to forward declare tbb::task_arena without forward declaring tbb::interface7
namespace  ROOT::Meta
namespace  ROOT::Meta::Selection


enum  ROOT::Meta::Selection::EClassAttributes { ROOT::Meta::Selection::kClassNullProperty = 0 }
 Describes the attributes of a class. More...
enum  ROOT::Meta::Selection::EClassMemberAttributes {
  ROOT::Meta::Selection::kMemberNullProperty = 0 , ROOT::Meta::Selection::kTransient = 2 , ROOT::Meta::Selection::kAutoSelected = 4 , ROOT::Meta::Selection::kNoAutoSelected = 8 ,
  ROOT::Meta::Selection::kNonSplittable = 16
 Describes attributes of a data member. More...