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2#include "TMath.h"
4namespace ROOT {
6 namespace v5 {
10// Automatically generated code - don't modify it
29TFormulaPrimitive::AddFormula(new TFormulaPrimitive("TMath::GhbarCUncertainty","TMath::GhbarCUncertainty",(TFormulaPrimitive::GenFunc0)TMath::GhbarCUncertainty));
37TFormulaPrimitive::AddFormula(new TFormulaPrimitive("TMath::HbarUncertainty","TMath::HbarUncertainty",(TFormulaPrimitive::GenFunc0)TMath::HbarUncertainty));
44TFormulaPrimitive::AddFormula(new TFormulaPrimitive("TMath::SigmaUncertainty","TMath::SigmaUncertainty",(TFormulaPrimitive::GenFunc0)TMath::SigmaUncertainty));
123 } // end namespace v5
125} // end namespace ROOT
The Formula Primitive class.
static Int_t AddFormula(TFormulaPrimitive *formula)
Add formula to the list of primitive formulas.
Double_t(* GenFunc1110)(Double_t, Double_t, Double_t)
Double_t(* GenFunc10)(Double_t)
Double_t(* GenFunc110)(Double_t, Double_t)
void TMath_GenerInterface()
This file contains a specialised ROOT message handler to test for diagnostic in unit tests.
Double_t FDistI(Double_t F, Double_t N, Double_t M)
Calculates the cumulative distribution function of F-distribution, this function occurs in the statis...
Definition: TMath.cxx:2261
constexpr Double_t G()
Gravitational constant in: .
Definition: TMath.h:138
Double_t CosH(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.h:605
Double_t DiLog(Double_t x)
Modified Struve functions of order 1.
Definition: TMath.cxx:110
Double_t BetaDist(Double_t x, Double_t p, Double_t q)
Computes the probability density function of the Beta distribution (the distribution function is comp...
Definition: TMath.cxx:2046
Double_t ACos(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.h:619
constexpr Double_t GUncertainty()
Gravitational constant uncertainty.
Definition: TMath.h:153
constexpr Double_t C()
Velocity of light in .
Definition: TMath.h:117
constexpr Double_t GhbarCUncertainty()
Definition: TMath.h:169
constexpr Double_t Ccgs()
Definition: TMath.h:124
constexpr Double_t SigmaUncertainty()
Stefan-Boltzmann constant uncertainty.
Definition: TMath.h:284
Short_t Max(Short_t a, Short_t b)
Definition: TMathBase.h:208
Double_t Vavilov(Double_t x, Double_t kappa, Double_t beta2)
Returns the value of the Vavilov density function.
Definition: TMath.cxx:2738
constexpr Double_t NaUncertainty()
Avogadro constant (Avogadro's Number) uncertainty.
Definition: TMath.h:298
Double_t ASin(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.h:613
Double_t Log2(Double_t x)
Definition: TMath.cxx:101
Double_t BesselK1(Double_t x)
modified Bessel function I_1(x)
Definition: TMath.cxx:1506
Double_t Exp(Double_t x)
Definition: TMath.h:677
Double_t BesselI1(Double_t x)
modified Bessel function K_0(x)
Definition: TMath.cxx:1471
Double_t Erf(Double_t x)
Computation of the error function erf(x).
Definition: TMath.cxx:184
Double_t Floor(Double_t x)
Definition: TMath.h:653
Double_t PoissonI(Double_t x, Double_t par)
Compute the Discrete Poisson distribution function for (x,par).
Definition: TMath.cxx:592
Double_t CauchyDist(Double_t x, Double_t t=0, Double_t s=1)
Computes the density of Cauchy distribution at point x by default, standard Cauchy distribution is us...
Definition: TMath.cxx:2143
Double_t ATan(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.h:625
Double_t StruveL1(Double_t x)
Modified Struve functions of order 0.
Definition: TMath.cxx:1945
constexpr Double_t Gn()
Standard acceleration of gravity in .
Definition: TMath.h:177
Double_t ASinH(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.cxx:64
Double_t LaplaceDistI(Double_t x, Double_t alpha=0, Double_t beta=1)
Computes the distribution function of Laplace distribution at point x, with location parameter alpha ...
Definition: TMath.cxx:2344
constexpr Double_t QeUncertainty()
Elementary charge uncertainty.
Definition: TMath.h:353
constexpr Double_t K()
Boltzmann's constant in .
Definition: TMath.h:253
Double_t BreitWigner(Double_t x, Double_t mean=0, Double_t gamma=1)
Calculate a Breit Wigner function with mean and gamma.
Definition: TMath.cxx:437
constexpr Double_t KUncertainty()
Boltzmann's constant uncertainty.
Definition: TMath.h:267
constexpr Double_t Hbarcgs()
Definition: TMath.h:223
T1 Sign(T1 a, T2 b)
Definition: TMathBase.h:161
Double_t Student(Double_t T, Double_t ndf)
Computes density function for Student's t- distribution (the probability function (integral of densit...
Definition: TMath.cxx:2587
constexpr Double_t CUncertainty()
Speed of light uncertainty.
Definition: TMath.h:131
constexpr Double_t Qe()
Elementary charge in .
Definition: TMath.h:346
Double_t Ceil(Double_t x)
Definition: TMath.h:645
constexpr Double_t PiOver2()
Definition: TMath.h:51
constexpr Double_t HCcgs()
Definition: TMath.h:245
Short_t Range(Short_t lb, Short_t ub, Short_t x)
Definition: TMathBase.h:240
Double_t BetaDistI(Double_t x, Double_t p, Double_t q)
Computes the distribution function of the Beta distribution.
Definition: TMath.cxx:2064
Double_t TanH(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.h:609
Double_t ACosH(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.cxx:77
Double_t BesselK0(Double_t x)
modified Bessel function I_0(x)
Definition: TMath.cxx:1437
Double_t BesselY0(Double_t x)
Bessel function J1(x) for any real x.
Definition: TMath.cxx:1682
Double_t ATan2(Double_t y, Double_t x)
Definition: TMath.h:629
constexpr Double_t RUncertainty()
Universal gas constant uncertainty.
Definition: TMath.h:316
Double_t BetaCf(Double_t x, Double_t a, Double_t b)
Continued fraction evaluation by modified Lentz's method used in calculation of incomplete Beta funct...
Definition: TMath.cxx:1995
Double_t ErfInverse(Double_t x)
returns the inverse error function x must be <-1<x<1
Definition: TMath.cxx:203
Double_t LaplaceDist(Double_t x, Double_t alpha=0, Double_t beta=1)
Computes the probability density function of Laplace distribution at point x, with location parameter...
Definition: TMath.cxx:2328
constexpr Double_t E()
Base of natural log:
Definition: TMath.h:96
constexpr Double_t GnUncertainty()
Standard acceleration of gravity uncertainty.
Definition: TMath.h:184
constexpr Double_t Hcgs()
Definition: TMath.h:199
constexpr Double_t HUncertainty()
Planck's constant uncertainty.
Definition: TMath.h:206
Double_t Log(Double_t x)
Definition: TMath.h:710
constexpr Double_t DegToRad()
Conversion from degree to radian:
Definition: TMath.h:81
Double_t Erfc(Double_t x)
Compute the complementary error function erfc(x).
Definition: TMath.cxx:194
Double_t VavilovI(Double_t x, Double_t kappa, Double_t beta2)
Returns the value of the Vavilov distribution function.
Definition: TMath.cxx:2771
constexpr Double_t Sigma()
Stefan-Boltzmann constant in .
Definition: TMath.h:277
Double_t Beta(Double_t p, Double_t q)
Calculates Beta-function Gamma(p)*Gamma(q)/Gamma(p+q).
Definition: TMath.cxx:1986
constexpr Double_t Kcgs()
Definition: TMath.h:260
Double_t Poisson(Double_t x, Double_t par)
Compute the Poisson distribution function for (x,par).
Definition: TMath.cxx:564
constexpr Double_t H()
Planck's constant in .
Definition: TMath.h:192
Double_t Sqrt(Double_t x)
Definition: TMath.h:641
LongDouble_t Power(LongDouble_t x, LongDouble_t y)
Definition: TMath.h:685
Double_t BesselJ0(Double_t x)
modified Bessel function K_1(x)
Definition: TMath.cxx:1611
constexpr Double_t LogE()
Base-10 log of e (to convert ln to log)
Definition: TMath.h:110
Double_t Gamma(Double_t z)
Computation of gamma(z) for all z.
Definition: TMath.cxx:348
constexpr Double_t MWair()
Molecular weight of dry air 1976 US Standard Atmosphere in or
Definition: TMath.h:324
constexpr Double_t Gcgs()
Definition: TMath.h:146
Short_t Min(Short_t a, Short_t b)
Definition: TMathBase.h:176
Double_t StruveL0(Double_t x)
Struve functions of order 1.
Definition: TMath.cxx:1899
Double_t NormQuantile(Double_t p)
Computes quantiles for standard normal distribution N(0, 1) at probability p.
Definition: TMath.cxx:2420
constexpr Double_t Ln10()
Natural log of 10 (to convert log to ln)
Definition: TMath.h:103
Double_t Hypot(Double_t x, Double_t y)
Definition: TMath.cxx:57
constexpr Double_t PiOver4()
Definition: TMath.h:58
Double_t Cos(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.h:593
constexpr Double_t Pi()
Definition: TMath.h:37
Double_t StruveH0(Double_t x)
Bessel function Y1(x) for positive x.
Definition: TMath.cxx:1754
constexpr Double_t R()
Universal gas constant ( ) in
Definition: TMath.h:309
Double_t LnGamma(Double_t z)
Computation of ln[gamma(z)] for all z.
Definition: TMath.cxx:486
Double_t KolmogorovProb(Double_t z)
Calculates the Kolmogorov distribution function,.
Definition: TMath.cxx:656
constexpr Double_t InvPi()
Definition: TMath.h:65
Double_t Sin(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.h:589
Double_t FDist(Double_t F, Double_t N, Double_t M)
Computes the density function of F-distribution (probability function, integral of density,...
Definition: TMath.cxx:2242
constexpr Double_t Na()
Avogadro constant (Avogadro's Number) in .
Definition: TMath.h:291
Double_t BesselJ1(Double_t x)
Bessel function J0(x) for any real x.
Definition: TMath.cxx:1646
Double_t BetaIncomplete(Double_t x, Double_t a, Double_t b)
Calculates the incomplete Beta-function.
Definition: TMath.cxx:2077
constexpr Double_t Rgair()
Dry Air Gas Constant (R / MWair) in
Definition: TMath.h:332
constexpr Double_t Hbar()
Definition: TMath.h:216
Double_t StruveH1(Double_t x)
Struve functions of order 0.
Definition: TMath.cxx:1823
Double_t Freq(Double_t x)
Computation of the normal frequency function freq(x).
Definition: TMath.cxx:265
Double_t Tan(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.h:597
Double_t LandauI(Double_t x)
Returns the value of the Landau distribution function at point x.
Definition: TMath.cxx:2800
Double_t ATanH(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.cxx:90
constexpr Double_t RadToDeg()
Conversion from radian to degree:
Definition: TMath.h:73
Double_t BesselI0(Double_t x)
integer order modified Bessel function K_n(x)
Definition: TMath.cxx:1403
Double_t Log10(Double_t x)
Definition: TMath.h:714
Double_t StudentI(Double_t T, Double_t ndf)
Calculates the cumulative distribution function of Student's t-distribution second parameter stands f...
Definition: TMath.cxx:2609
Double_t BesselY1(Double_t x)
Bessel function Y0(x) for positive x.
Definition: TMath.cxx:1716
Short_t Abs(Short_t d)
Definition: TMathBase.h:120
constexpr Double_t GhbarC()
Definition: TMath.h:161
constexpr Double_t HC()
Definition: TMath.h:238
constexpr Double_t TwoPi()
Definition: TMath.h:44
constexpr Double_t HbarUncertainty()
Definition: TMath.h:230
Double_t ErfcInverse(Double_t x)
returns the inverse of the complementary error function x must be 0<x<2 implement using the quantile ...
Definition: TMath.cxx:237
Double_t SinH(Double_t)
Definition: TMath.h:601