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ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleWriteOptionsDaos Class Reference

DAOS-specific user-tunable settings for storing ntuples.

Definition at line 97 of file RNTupleOptions.hxx.

Public Member Functions

 ~RNTupleWriteOptionsDaos () override=default
std::unique_ptr< RNTupleWriteOptionsClone () const override
const std::string & GetObjectClass () const
void SetObjectClass (const std::string &val)
 Set the object class used to generate OIDs that relate to user data. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleWriteOptions
virtual ~RNTupleWriteOptions ()=default
virtual std::unique_ptr< RNTupleWriteOptionsClone () const
std::size_t GetApproxUnzippedPageSize () const
std::size_t GetApproxZippedClusterSize () const
int GetCompression () const
ENTupleContainerFormat GetContainerFormat () const
std::size_t GetMaxUnzippedClusterSize () const
bool GetUseBufferedWrite () const
void SetApproxUnzippedPageSize (std::size_t val)
void SetApproxZippedClusterSize (std::size_t val)
void SetCompression (int val)
void SetCompression (RCompressionSetting::EAlgorithm::EValues algorithm, int compressionLevel)
void SetContainerFormat (ENTupleContainerFormat val)
void SetMaxUnzippedClusterSize (std::size_t val)
void SetUseBufferedWrite (bool val)

Private Attributes

std::string fObjectClass {"SX"}

#include <ROOT/RNTupleOptions.hxx>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~RNTupleWriteOptionsDaos()

ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleWriteOptionsDaos::~RNTupleWriteOptionsDaos ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

std::unique_ptr< RNTupleWriteOptions > ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleWriteOptionsDaos::Clone ( ) const

Reimplemented from ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleWriteOptions.

Definition at line 102 of file RNTupleOptions.hxx.

◆ GetObjectClass()

const std::string & ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleWriteOptionsDaos::GetObjectClass ( ) const

Definition at line 105 of file RNTupleOptions.hxx.

◆ SetObjectClass()

void ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleWriteOptionsDaos::SetObjectClass ( const std::string &  val)

Set the object class used to generate OIDs that relate to user data.

Any OC_xxx constant defined in daos_obj_class.h may be used here without the OC_ prefix.

Definition at line 109 of file RNTupleOptions.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fObjectClass

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleWriteOptionsDaos::fObjectClass {"SX"}

Definition at line 98 of file RNTupleOptions.hxx.

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