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ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor Class Reference

Contains settings for printing and prints a summary of an RField instance.

This visitor is used by RNTupleReader::Print()

Definition at line 115 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

Public Member Functions

 RPrintSchemaVisitor (std::ostream &out=std::cout, char frameSymbol=' *', int width=80, int deepestLevel=1, int numFields=1)
void SetAvailableSpaceForStrings ()
 Computes how many characters should be placed between the frame symbol and ':' for left and right side of ':' for visually pleasing output.
void SetDeepestLevel (int d)
void SetFrameSymbol (char s)
void SetNumFields (int n)
void SetWidth (int w)
void VisitField (const RFieldBase &field) final
 Prints summary of Field.
void VisitFieldZero (const RFieldZero &fieldZero) final
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldVisitor
virtual void VisitArrayAsRVecField (const RArrayAsRVecField &field)
virtual void VisitArrayField (const RArrayField &field)
virtual void VisitAtomicField (const RAtomicField &field)
virtual void VisitBitsetField (const RBitsetField &field)
virtual void VisitBoolField (const RField< bool > &field)
virtual void VisitByteField (const RField< std::byte > &field)
virtual void VisitCardinalityField (const RCardinalityField &field)
virtual void VisitCharField (const RField< char > &field)
virtual void VisitClassField (const RClassField &field)
virtual void VisitClusterSizeField (const RField< ClusterSize_t > &field)
virtual void VisitDoubleField (const RField< double > &field)
virtual void VisitEnumField (const REnumField &field)
virtual void VisitFloatField (const RField< float > &field)
virtual void VisitInt16Field (const RField< std::int16_t > &field)
virtual void VisitInt64Field (const RField< std::int64_t > &field)
virtual void VisitInt8Field (const RField< std::int8_t > &field)
virtual void VisitIntField (const RField< int > &field)
virtual void VisitNullableField (const RNullableField &field)
virtual void VisitProxiedCollectionField (const RProxiedCollectionField &field)
virtual void VisitRecordField (const RRecordField &field)
virtual void VisitRVecField (const RRVecField &field)
virtual void VisitStringField (const RField< std::string > &field)
virtual void VisitTObjectField (const RField< TObject > &field)
virtual void VisitUInt16Field (const RField< std::uint16_t > &field)
virtual void VisitUInt32Field (const RField< std::uint32_t > &field)
virtual void VisitUInt64Field (const RField< std::uint64_t > &field)
virtual void VisitUInt8Field (const RField< std::uint8_t > &field)
virtual void VisitUnsplitField (const RUnsplitField &field)
virtual void VisitVectorBoolField (const RField< std::vector< bool > > &field)
virtual void VisitVectorField (const RVectorField &field)

Private Attributes

int fAvailableSpaceKeyString
int fAvailableSpaceValueString
int fDeepestLevel
int fFieldNo = 1
std::string fFieldNoPrefix
char fFrameSymbol
 To render the output, use an asterix (*) by default to draw table lines and boundaries.
int fNumFields
std::ostream & fOutput
 Where to write the printout to.
std::string fTreePrefix
int fWidth
 Indicates maximal number of allowed characters per line.

#include <ROOT/RFieldVisitor.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RPrintSchemaVisitor()

ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::RPrintSchemaVisitor ( std::ostream &  out = std::cout,
char  frameSymbol = '*',
int  width = 80,
int  deepestLevel = 1,
int  numFields = 1 

Definition at line 132 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetAvailableSpaceForStrings()

void ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::SetAvailableSpaceForStrings ( )

Computes how many characters should be placed between the frame symbol and ':' for left and right side of ':' for visually pleasing output.

Definition at line 159 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ SetDeepestLevel()

void ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::SetDeepestLevel ( int  d)

Definition at line 54 of file RFieldVisitor.cxx.

◆ SetFrameSymbol()

void ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::SetFrameSymbol ( char  s)

Definition at line 141 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ SetNumFields()

void ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::SetNumFields ( int  n)

Definition at line 59 of file RFieldVisitor.cxx.

◆ SetWidth()

void ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::SetWidth ( int  w)

Definition at line 142 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ VisitField()

void ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::VisitField ( const RFieldBase field)

Prints summary of Field.

Implements ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldVisitor.

Definition at line 65 of file RFieldVisitor.cxx.

◆ VisitFieldZero()

void ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::VisitFieldZero ( const RFieldZero fieldZero)

Reimplemented from ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RFieldVisitor.

Definition at line 96 of file RFieldVisitor.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAvailableSpaceKeyString

int ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fAvailableSpaceKeyString

Definition at line 125 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ fAvailableSpaceValueString

int ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fAvailableSpaceValueString

Definition at line 126 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ fDeepestLevel

int ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fDeepestLevel

Definition at line 123 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ fFieldNo

int ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fFieldNo = 1

Definition at line 127 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ fFieldNoPrefix

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fFieldNoPrefix

Definition at line 129 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ fFrameSymbol

char ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fFrameSymbol

To render the output, use an asterix (*) by default to draw table lines and boundaries.

Definition at line 120 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ fNumFields

int ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fNumFields

Definition at line 124 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ fOutput

std::ostream& ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fOutput

Where to write the printout to.

Definition at line 118 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ fTreePrefix

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fTreePrefix

Definition at line 128 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

◆ fWidth

int ROOT::Experimental::RPrintSchemaVisitor::fWidth

Indicates maximal number of allowed characters per line.

Definition at line 122 of file RFieldVisitor.hxx.

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