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ROOT::MacOSX::X11::CopyArea Class Reference

Definition at line 112 of file X11Buffer.h.

Public Member Functions

 CopyArea (Drawable_t src, Drawable_t dst, const GCValues_t &gc, const Rectangle_t &area, const Point &dstPoint)
void Execute () const
bool HasOperand (Drawable_t drawable) const
bool IsGraphicsCommand () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::MacOSX::X11::Command
 Command (Drawable_t wid)
 Command (Drawable_t wid, const GCValues_t &gc)
virtual ~Command ()
virtual void Execute (CGContextRef) const
void setView (NSView *v)

Private Attributes

const Rectangle_t fArea
const Point fDstPoint
const Drawable_t fSrc

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ROOT::MacOSX::X11::Command
const GCValues_t fGC
const Drawable_t fID
NSViewview = nil

#include <X11Buffer.h>

Inheritance diagram for ROOT::MacOSX::X11::CopyArea:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CopyArea()

ROOT::MacOSX::X11::CopyArea::CopyArea ( Drawable_t  src,
Drawable_t  dst,
const GCValues_t gc,
const Rectangle_t area,
const Point dstPoint 

Definition at line 127 of file X11Buffer.mm.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Execute()

void ROOT::MacOSX::X11::CopyArea::Execute ( ) const

Implements ROOT::MacOSX::X11::Command.

Definition at line 143 of file X11Buffer.mm.

◆ HasOperand()

bool ROOT::MacOSX::X11::CopyArea::HasOperand ( Drawable_t  drawable) const

Reimplemented from ROOT::MacOSX::X11::Command.

Definition at line 137 of file X11Buffer.mm.

◆ IsGraphicsCommand()

bool ROOT::MacOSX::X11::CopyArea::IsGraphicsCommand ( ) const

Reimplemented from ROOT::MacOSX::X11::Command.

Definition at line 122 of file X11Buffer.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fArea

const Rectangle_t ROOT::MacOSX::X11::CopyArea::fArea

Definition at line 115 of file X11Buffer.h.

◆ fDstPoint

const Point ROOT::MacOSX::X11::CopyArea::fDstPoint

Definition at line 116 of file X11Buffer.h.

◆ fSrc

const Drawable_t ROOT::MacOSX::X11::CopyArea::fSrc

Definition at line 114 of file X11Buffer.h.

  • graf2d/cocoa/inc/X11Buffer.h
  • graf2d/cocoa/src/X11Buffer.mm