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ROOT::Math::Roots::Newton Class Reference

a Newton algorithm, which computes the derivative at each iteration See the GSL manual for more information

Definition at line 132 of file RootFinderAlgorithms.h.

Public Member Functions

 Newton ()
 ~Newton () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Math::GSLRootFinderDeriv
 GSLRootFinderDeriv ()
 ~GSLRootFinderDeriv () override
int Iterate () override
 iterate (return GSL_SUCCESS in case of successful iteration)
int Iterations () const override
 Return number of iterations.
const char * Name () const override
 Return name of root finder algorithm.
double Root () const override
 Returns the previously calculated root.
bool SetFunction (const IGradFunction &f, double xstart) override
 Sets the function for algorithms using derivatives.
virtual bool SetFunction (const ROOT::Math::IGenFunction &, double, double)
 Sets the function for the rest of the algorithms.
virtual bool SetFunction (const ROOT::Math::IGradFunction &, double)
 Sets the function for algorithms using derivatives.
bool SetFunction (GSLFuncPointer f, GSLFuncPointer df, GSLFdFPointer fdf, void *p, double Root)
bool Solve (int maxIter=100, double absTol=1E-8, double relTol=1E-10) override
 Find the root (return false if failed)
int Status () const override
 Return the status of last root finding.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod
 IRootFinderMethod ()
 Default Constructor.
virtual ~IRootFinderMethod ()
 Default Destructor.

Private Member Functions

 Newton (const Newton &)
Newtonoperator= (const Newton &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ROOT::Math::GSLRootFinderDeriv
typedef void(* GSLFdFPointer) (double, void *, double *, double *)
typedef double(* GSLFuncPointer) (double, void *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ROOT::Math::GSLRootFinderDeriv
void FreeSolver ()
void SetSolver (GSLRootFdFSolver *s)

#include <Math/RootFinderAlgorithms.h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Newton() [1/2]

ROOT::Math::Roots::Newton::Newton ( )

Definition at line 133 of file RootFinderAlgorithms.cxx.

◆ ~Newton()

ROOT::Math::Roots::Newton::~Newton ( )

Definition at line 140 of file RootFinderAlgorithms.cxx.

◆ Newton() [2/2]

ROOT::Math::Roots::Newton::Newton ( const Newton )

Definition at line 146 of file RootFinderAlgorithms.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

Newton & ROOT::Math::Roots::Newton::operator= ( const Newton rhs)

Definition at line 151 of file RootFinderAlgorithms.cxx.

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