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PassiveKeyGrab Class Reference

Definition at line 132 of file QuartzWindow.h.

Instance Methods

(unichar) - fKeyCode
(NSUInteger) - fModifiers
(id- initWithKey::
(BOOL) - matchKey:
(BOOL) - matchKey::

Private Attributes

unichar fKeyCode
NSUInteger fModifiers

#import <QuartzWindow.h>

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Method Documentation

◆ fKeyCode()

- (unichar) fKeyCode

Definition at line 1736 of file QuartzWindow.mm.

◆ fModifiers()

- (NSUInteger) fModifiers

Definition at line 1742 of file QuartzWindow.mm.

◆ initWithKey::()

- (id) initWithKey: (unichar)  modifiers
: (NSUInteger)  modifiers 

Definition at line 1713 of file QuartzWindow.mm.

◆ matchKey:()

- (BOOL) matchKey: (unichar)  keyCode

Definition at line 1730 of file QuartzWindow.mm.

◆ matchKey::()

- (BOOL) matchKey: (unichar)  modifiers
: (NSUInteger)  modifiers 

Definition at line 1724 of file QuartzWindow.mm.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fKeyCode

- (unichar) fKeyCode

Definition at line 134 of file QuartzWindow.h.

◆ fModifiers

- (NSUInteger) fModifiers

Definition at line 135 of file QuartzWindow.h.

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