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mt301_TTaskGroupSimple.C File Reference

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Shows how to run items of work asynchronously with a TTaskGroup.

void workItem0()
printf("Running workItem0...\n");
void mt301_TTaskGroupSimple()
// Create the task group and give work to it
tg.Run([]() { printf("Running workItem1...\n"); });
printf("Running something in the \"main\" thread\n");
// Wait until all items are complete
printf("All work completed.\n");
A class to manage the asynchronous execution of work items.
void Run(const std::function< void(void)> &closure)
Add to the group an item of work which will be ran asynchronously.
void Wait()
Wait until all submitted items of work are completed.
void EnableImplicitMT(UInt_t numthreads=0)
Enable ROOT's implicit multi-threading for all objects and methods that provide an internal paralleli...
Definition TROOT.cxx:539
August 2017
Danilo Piparo

Definition in file mt301_TTaskGroupSimple.C.