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CPyCppyy::TypeManip Namespace Reference


std::string clean_type (const std::string &cppname, bool template_strip=true, bool const_strip=true)
void cppscope_to_pyscope (std::string &cppscope)
std::vector< std::string > extract_arg_types (const std::string &sig)
std::string extract_namespace (const std::string &name)
std::string remove_const (const std::string &cppname)
std::string template_base (const std::string &cppname)

Function Documentation

◆ clean_type()

std::string CPyCppyy::TypeManip::clean_type ( const std::string &  cppname,
bool  template_strip = true,
bool  const_strip = true 

Definition at line 98 of file TypeManip.cxx.

◆ cppscope_to_pyscope()

void CPyCppyy::TypeManip::cppscope_to_pyscope ( std::string &  cppscope)

Definition at line 148 of file TypeManip.cxx.

◆ extract_arg_types()

std::vector< std::string > CPyCppyy::TypeManip::extract_arg_types ( const std::string &  sig)

Definition at line 187 of file TypeManip.cxx.

◆ extract_namespace()

std::string CPyCppyy::TypeManip::extract_namespace ( const std::string &  name)

Definition at line 159 of file TypeManip.cxx.

◆ remove_const()

std::string CPyCppyy::TypeManip::remove_const ( const std::string &  cppname)

Definition at line 71 of file TypeManip.cxx.

◆ template_base()

std::string CPyCppyy::TypeManip::template_base ( const std::string &  cppname)

Definition at line 124 of file TypeManip.cxx.