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CPyCppyy.h File Reference
#include "Python.h"
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "Cppyy.h"
#include "CPyCppyy/CommonDefs.h"
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namespace  CPyCppyy


#define CPPYY__div__   "__div__"
#define CPPYY__idiv__   "__idiv__"
#define CPPYY__long__   "__long__"
#define CPPYY__next__   "next"
#define CPyCppyy_PyCapsule_CheckExact   PyCObject_Check
#define CPyCppyy_PyCFunction_Call   PyCFunction_Call
#define CPyCppyy_PySliceCast   PySliceObject*
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_Append   PyString_Concat
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_AppendAndDel   PyString_ConcatAndDel
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_AsString   PyString_AS_STRING
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_AsStringChecked   PyString_AsString
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_Check   PyString_Check
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_CheckExact   PyString_CheckExact
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_FromFormat   PyString_FromFormat
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_FromString   PyString_FromString
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_FromStringAndSize   PyString_FromStringAndSize
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_GET_SIZE   PyString_GET_SIZE
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_GetSize   PyString_Size
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_InternFromString   PyString_InternFromString
#define CPyCppyy_PyText_Type   PyString_Type
#define CPyCppyy_PyUnicode_GET_SIZE   PyUnicode_GET_SIZE
#define lenfunc   inquiry
#define Py_RETURN_FALSE   return Py_INCREF(Py_False), Py_False
#define Py_RETURN_NONE   return Py_INCREF(Py_None), Py_None
#define Py_RETURN_TRUE   return Py_INCREF(Py_True), Py_True
#define Py_SET_TYPE(ob, type)   _Py_SET_TYPE((PyObject*)(ob), type)
#define PY_SSIZE_T_FORMAT   "%d"
#define Py_TYPE(ob)   (((PyObject*)(ob))->ob_type)
#define PyBool_FromLong   PyInt_FromLong
#define PyBytes_AS_STRING   PyString_AS_STRING
#define PyBytes_AsString   PyString_AsString
#define PyBytes_AsStringAndSize   PyString_AsStringAndSize
#define PyBytes_Check   PyString_Check
#define PyBytes_CheckExact   PyString_CheckExact
#define PyBytes_FromFormat   PyString_FromFormat
#define PyBytes_FromString   PyString_FromString
#define PyBytes_FromStringAndSize   PyString_FromStringAndSize
#define PyBytes_GET_SIZE   PyString_GET_SIZE
#define PyBytes_Size   PyString_Size
#define PyBytes_Type   PyString_Type
#define PyIndex_Check(obj)    (PyInt_Check(obj) || PyLong_Check(obj))
#define PyInt_AsSsize_t   PyInt_AsLong
#define PyInt_FromSsize_t   PyInt_FromLong
#define PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT(type, size)    PyObject_HEAD_INIT(type) size,
#define ssizeargfunc   intargfunc
#define ssizeobjargproc   intobjargproc


typedef PyObjectCPyCppyy_PyArgs_t
typedef PyDictEntry *(* dict_lookup_func) (PyDictObject *, PyObject *, long)
typedef long Py_hash_t
typedef int Py_ssize_t


static void _Py_SET_TYPE (PyObject *ob, PyTypeObject *type)
static void CPyCppyy_PyArgs_DEL (CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t args)
static PyObjectCPyCppyy_PyArgs_GET_ITEM (CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t args, Py_ssize_t i)
static Py_ssize_t CPyCppyy_PyArgs_GET_SIZE (CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t args, size_t)
static CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t CPyCppyy_PyArgs_New (Py_ssize_t N)
static PyObjectCPyCppyy_PyArgs_SET_ITEM (CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t args, Py_ssize_t i, PyObject *item)
void CPyCppyy_PyBuffer_Release (PyObject *, Py_buffer *view)
static void * CPyCppyy_PyCapsule_GetPointer (PyObject *capsule, const char *)
static PyObjectCPyCppyy_PyCapsule_New (void *cobj, const char *, void(*destr)(void *))
PyObjectCPyCppyy_PyObject_Call (PyObject *cb, PyObject *args, size_t, PyObject *kwds)
static const char * CPyCppyy_PyText_AsStringAndSize (PyObject *pystr, Py_ssize_t *size)
static Py_ssize_t CPyCppyy_PyUnicode_AsWideChar (PyObject *pyobj, wchar_t *w, Py_ssize_t size)
PyObjectCPyCppyy_tp_call (PyObject *cb, PyObject *args, size_t, PyObject *kwds)
Py_ssize_t PyNumber_AsSsize_t (PyObject *obj, PyObject *)
static PyObjectPyObject_CallMethodNoArgs (PyObject *obj, PyObject *name)
static PyObjectPyObject_CallMethodOneArg (PyObject *obj, PyObject *name, PyObject *arg)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ CPPYY__div__

#define CPPYY__div__   "__div__"

Definition at line 111 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPPYY__idiv__

#define CPPYY__idiv__   "__idiv__"

Definition at line 110 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPPYY__long__

#define CPPYY__long__   "__long__"

Definition at line 109 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPPYY__next__

#define CPPYY__next__   "next"

Definition at line 112 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyCapsule_CheckExact

#define CPyCppyy_PyCapsule_CheckExact   PyCObject_Check

Definition at line 103 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyCFunction_Call

#define CPyCppyy_PyCFunction_Call   PyCFunction_Call

Definition at line 291 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PySliceCast

#define CPyCppyy_PySliceCast   PySliceObject*

Definition at line 189 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_Append

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_Append   PyString_Concat

Definition at line 83 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_AppendAndDel

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_AppendAndDel   PyString_ConcatAndDel

Definition at line 84 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_AsString

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_AsString   PyString_AS_STRING

Definition at line 76 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_AsStringChecked

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_AsStringChecked   PyString_AsString

Definition at line 77 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_Check

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_Check   PyString_Check

Definition at line 74 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_CheckExact

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_CheckExact   PyString_CheckExact

Definition at line 75 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_FromFormat

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_FromFormat   PyString_FromFormat

Definition at line 80 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_FromString

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_FromString   PyString_FromString

Definition at line 81 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_FromStringAndSize

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_FromStringAndSize   PyString_FromStringAndSize

Definition at line 85 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_GET_SIZE

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_GET_SIZE   PyString_GET_SIZE

Definition at line 78 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_GetSize

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_GetSize   PyString_Size

Definition at line 79 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_InternFromString

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_InternFromString   PyString_InternFromString

Definition at line 82 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_Type

#define CPyCppyy_PyText_Type   PyString_Type

Definition at line 94 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyUnicode_GET_SIZE

#define CPyCppyy_PyUnicode_GET_SIZE   PyUnicode_GET_SIZE

Definition at line 96 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ lenfunc

#define lenfunc   inquiry

Definition at line 224 of file CPyCppyy.h.


#define Py_RETURN_FALSE   return Py_INCREF(Py_False), Py_False

Definition at line 276 of file CPyCppyy.h.


#define Py_RETURN_NONE   return Py_INCREF(Py_None), Py_None

Definition at line 268 of file CPyCppyy.h.


#define Py_RETURN_TRUE   return Py_INCREF(Py_True), Py_True

Definition at line 272 of file CPyCppyy.h.


#define Py_SET_TYPE (   ob,
)    _Py_SET_TYPE((PyObject*)(ob), type)

Definition at line 358 of file CPyCppyy.h.



Definition at line 34 of file CPyCppyy.h.


#define PY_SSIZE_T_FORMAT   "%d"

Definition at line 218 of file CPyCppyy.h.



Definition at line 220 of file CPyCppyy.h.



Definition at line 221 of file CPyCppyy.h.


#define Py_TYPE (   ob)    (((PyObject*)(ob))->ob_type)

Definition at line 196 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBool_FromLong

#define PyBool_FromLong   PyInt_FromLong

Definition at line 251 of file CPyCppyy.h.


#define PyBytes_AS_STRING   PyString_AS_STRING

Definition at line 63 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_AsString

#define PyBytes_AsString   PyString_AsString

Definition at line 64 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_AsStringAndSize

#define PyBytes_AsStringAndSize   PyString_AsStringAndSize

Definition at line 65 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_Check

#define PyBytes_Check   PyString_Check

Definition at line 61 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_CheckExact

#define PyBytes_CheckExact   PyString_CheckExact

Definition at line 62 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_FromFormat

#define PyBytes_FromFormat   PyString_FromFormat

Definition at line 68 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_FromString

#define PyBytes_FromString   PyString_FromString

Definition at line 69 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_FromStringAndSize

#define PyBytes_FromStringAndSize   PyString_FromStringAndSize

Definition at line 70 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_GET_SIZE

#define PyBytes_GET_SIZE   PyString_GET_SIZE

Definition at line 66 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_Size

#define PyBytes_Size   PyString_Size

Definition at line 67 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyBytes_Type

#define PyBytes_Type   PyString_Type

Definition at line 72 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyIndex_Check

#define PyIndex_Check (   obj)     (PyInt_Check(obj) || PyLong_Check(obj))

Definition at line 227 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyInt_AsSsize_t

#define PyInt_AsSsize_t   PyInt_AsLong

Definition at line 216 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyInt_FromSsize_t

#define PyInt_FromSsize_t   PyInt_FromLong

Definition at line 217 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT

#define PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT (   type,
)     PyObject_HEAD_INIT(type) size,

Definition at line 194 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ ssizeargfunc

#define ssizeargfunc   intargfunc

Definition at line 225 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ ssizeobjargproc

#define ssizeobjargproc   intobjargproc

Definition at line 223 of file CPyCppyy.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t

Definition at line 330 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ dict_lookup_func

typedef PyDictEntry *(* dict_lookup_func) (PyDictObject *, PyObject *, long)

Definition at line 44 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ Py_hash_t

typedef long Py_hash_t

Definition at line 114 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ Py_ssize_t

typedef int Py_ssize_t

Definition at line 215 of file CPyCppyy.h.

Function Documentation

◆ _Py_SET_TYPE()

static void _Py_SET_TYPE ( PyObject ob,
PyTypeObject *  type 

Definition at line 357 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyArgs_DEL()

static void CPyCppyy_PyArgs_DEL ( CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t  args)

Definition at line 343 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyArgs_GET_ITEM()

static PyObject * CPyCppyy_PyArgs_GET_ITEM ( CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t  args,
Py_ssize_t  i 

Definition at line 331 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyArgs_GET_SIZE()

static Py_ssize_t CPyCppyy_PyArgs_GET_SIZE ( CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t  args,

Definition at line 337 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyArgs_New()

static CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t CPyCppyy_PyArgs_New ( Py_ssize_t  N)

Definition at line 340 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyArgs_SET_ITEM()

static PyObject * CPyCppyy_PyArgs_SET_ITEM ( CPyCppyy_PyArgs_t  args,
Py_ssize_t  i,
PyObject item 

Definition at line 334 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyBuffer_Release()

void CPyCppyy_PyBuffer_Release ( PyObject ,
Py_buffer *  view 

Definition at line 282 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyCapsule_GetPointer()

static void * CPyCppyy_PyCapsule_GetPointer ( PyObject capsule,
const char *   

Definition at line 104 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyCapsule_New()

static PyObject * CPyCppyy_PyCapsule_New ( void *  cobj,
const char *  ,
void(*)(void *)  destr 

Definition at line 98 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyObject_Call()

PyObject * CPyCppyy_PyObject_Call ( PyObject cb,
PyObject args,
size_t  ,
PyObject kwds 

Definition at line 346 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyText_AsStringAndSize()

static const char * CPyCppyy_PyText_AsStringAndSize ( PyObject pystr,
Py_ssize_t size 

Definition at line 87 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_PyUnicode_AsWideChar()

static Py_ssize_t CPyCppyy_PyUnicode_AsWideChar ( PyObject pyobj,
wchar_t *  w,
Py_ssize_t  size 

Definition at line 201 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ CPyCppyy_tp_call()

PyObject * CPyCppyy_tp_call ( PyObject cb,
PyObject args,
size_t  ,
PyObject kwds 

Definition at line 349 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyNumber_AsSsize_t()

Py_ssize_t PyNumber_AsSsize_t ( PyObject obj,

Definition at line 230 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyObject_CallMethodNoArgs()

static PyObject * PyObject_CallMethodNoArgs ( PyObject obj,
PyObject name 

Definition at line 363 of file CPyCppyy.h.

◆ PyObject_CallMethodOneArg()

static PyObject * PyObject_CallMethodOneArg ( PyObject obj,
PyObject name,
PyObject arg 

Definition at line 367 of file CPyCppyy.h.