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Rgl::Pad Namespace Reference


struct  BoundingRect
class  FillAttribSet
class  GLLimits
class  LineAttribSet
class  MarkerPainter
struct  MeshPatch_t
class  OffScreenDevice
class  PolygonStippleSet
class  Tesselator


typedef std::list< MeshPatch_tTesselation_t


void Begin (Int_t type)
void End ()
void ExtractRGBA (Color_t colorIndex, Float_t *rgba)
template BoundingRect< Double_tFindBoundingRect (Int_t nPoints, const Double_t *xs, const Double_t *ys)
template BoundingRect< Float_tFindBoundingRect (Int_t nPoints, const Float_t *xs, const Float_t *ys)
template BoundingRect< Int_tFindBoundingRect (Int_t nPoints, const Int_t *xs, const Int_t *ys)
template BoundingRect< Long_tFindBoundingRect (Int_t nPoints, const Long_t *xs, const Long_t *ys)
template BoundingRect< SCoord_tFindBoundingRect (Int_t nPoints, const SCoord_t *xs, const SCoord_t *ys)
template<class ValueType >
BoundingRect< ValueType > FindBoundingRect (Int_t nPoints, const ValueType *xs, const ValueType *ys)
void Vertex (const Double_t *v)


const UShort_t gLineStipples []
const UInt_t gMaxStipple = sizeof gLineStipples / sizeof gLineStipples[0]
const GLenum lineWidthPNAME = GLenum(0xB22)
const GLenum pointSizePNAME = GLenum(0xB12)

Typedef Documentation

◆ Tesselation_t

Definition at line 170 of file TGLPadUtils.h.

Function Documentation

◆ Begin()

void Rgl::Pad::Begin ( Int_t  type)

Definition at line 1137 of file TGLPadUtils.cxx.

◆ End()

void Rgl::Pad::End ( )

Definition at line 1162 of file TGLPadUtils.cxx.

◆ ExtractRGBA()

void Rgl::Pad::ExtractRGBA ( Color_t  colorIndex,
Float_t rgba 

Definition at line 1255 of file TGLPadUtils.cxx.

◆ FindBoundingRect() [1/6]

template BoundingRect< Double_t > Rgl::Pad::FindBoundingRect ( Int_t  nPoints,
const Double_t xs,
const Double_t ys 

◆ FindBoundingRect() [2/6]

template BoundingRect< Float_t > Rgl::Pad::FindBoundingRect ( Int_t  nPoints,
const Float_t xs,
const Float_t ys 

◆ FindBoundingRect() [3/6]

template BoundingRect< Int_t > Rgl::Pad::FindBoundingRect ( Int_t  nPoints,
const Int_t xs,
const Int_t ys 

◆ FindBoundingRect() [4/6]

template BoundingRect< Long_t > Rgl::Pad::FindBoundingRect ( Int_t  nPoints,
const Long_t xs,
const Long_t ys 

◆ FindBoundingRect() [5/6]

template BoundingRect< SCoord_t > Rgl::Pad::FindBoundingRect ( Int_t  nPoints,
const SCoord_t xs,
const SCoord_t ys 

◆ FindBoundingRect() [6/6]

template<class ValueType >
BoundingRect< ValueType > Rgl::Pad::FindBoundingRect ( Int_t  nPoints,
const ValueType *  xs,
const ValueType *  ys 

Definition at line 1267 of file TGLPadUtils.cxx.

◆ Vertex()

void Rgl::Pad::Vertex ( const Double_t v)

Definition at line 1148 of file TGLPadUtils.cxx.

Variable Documentation

◆ gLineStipples

const UShort_t Rgl::Pad::gLineStipples
Initial value:
= {0xffff, 0xffff, 0x3333, 0x5555,
0xf040, 0xf4f4, 0xf111, 0xf0f0,
0xff11, 0x3fff, 0x08ff}

Definition at line 161 of file TGLPadUtils.cxx.

◆ gMaxStipple

const UInt_t Rgl::Pad::gMaxStipple = sizeof gLineStipples / sizeof gLineStipples[0]

Definition at line 165 of file TGLPadUtils.cxx.

◆ lineWidthPNAME

const GLenum Rgl::Pad::lineWidthPNAME = GLenum(0xB22)

Definition at line 34 of file TGLPadUtils.cxx.

◆ pointSizePNAME

const GLenum Rgl::Pad::pointSizePNAME = GLenum(0xB12)

Definition at line 35 of file TGLPadUtils.cxx.