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RooHelpers::Detail Namespace Reference


RooAbsArgcloneTreeWithSameParametersImpl (RooAbsArg const &arg, RooArgSet const *observables)
bool snapshotImpl (RooAbsCollection const &input, RooAbsCollection &output, bool deepCopy, RooArgSet const *observables)
 Implementation of RooAbsCollection::snapshot() with some extra parameters.

Function Documentation

◆ cloneTreeWithSameParametersImpl()

RooAbsArg * RooHelpers::Detail::cloneTreeWithSameParametersImpl ( RooAbsArg const &  arg,
RooArgSet const *  observables 

Definition at line 379 of file RooHelpers.cxx.

◆ snapshotImpl()

bool RooHelpers::Detail::snapshotImpl ( RooAbsCollection const &  input,
RooAbsCollection output,
bool  deepCopy,
RooArgSet const *  observables 

Implementation of RooAbsCollection::snapshot() with some extra parameters.

to be used in other RooHelpers functions. param[in] input The input collection. param[in] output The output collection. param[in] deepCopy If the whole computation graph should be cloned recursively. param[in] observables If this is not a nullptr, only the fundamental variables that are in observables are deep cloned.

Definition at line 354 of file RooHelpers.cxx.