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RooHelpers Namespace Reference


namespace  Detail


struct  BinnedLOutput
class  HijackMessageStream
 Hijacks all messages with given level and topic (and optionally object name) while alive. More...
class  LocalChangeMsgLevel
 Switches the message service to a different level while the instance is alive. More...
struct  WrapIntoTObject
 Wrap an object into a TObject. Sometimes needed to avoid reinterpret_cast or enable RTTI. More...


bool checkIfRangesOverlap (RooArgSet const &observables, std::vector< std::string > const &rangeNames)
void checkRangeOfParameters (const RooAbsReal *callingClass, std::initializer_list< const RooAbsReal * > pars, double min=-std::numeric_limits< double >::max(), double max=std::numeric_limits< double >::max(), bool limitsInAllowedRange=false, std::string const &extraMessage="")
 Check if the parameters have a range, and warn if the range extends below / above the set limits.
template<class T >
std::unique_ptr< T > cloneTreeWithSameParameters (T const &arg, RooArgSet const *observables=nullptr)
 Clone RooAbsArg object and reattach to original parameters.
BinnedLOutput getBinnedL (RooAbsPdf const &pdf)
std::string getColonSeparatedNameString (RooArgSet const &argSet, char delim=':')
std::string getRangeNameForSimComponent (std::string const &rangeName, bool splitRange, std::string const &catName)
std::pair< double, doublegetRangeOrBinningInterval (RooAbsArg const *arg, const char *rangeName)
void getSortedComputationGraph (RooAbsArg const &func, RooArgSet &out)
RooArgSet selectFromArgSet (RooArgSet const &, std::string const &names)

Function Documentation

◆ checkIfRangesOverlap()

bool RooHelpers::checkIfRangesOverlap ( RooArgSet const &  observables,
std::vector< std::string > const &  rangeNames 

◆ checkRangeOfParameters()

void RooHelpers::checkRangeOfParameters ( const RooAbsReal callingClass,
std::initializer_list< const RooAbsReal * >  pars,
double  min,
double  max,
bool  limitsInAllowedRange,
std::string const &  extraMessage 

Check if the parameters have a range, and warn if the range extends below / above the set limits.

[in]callingClassClass that's calling. Needed to include name and type name of the class in error message.
[in]parsList of all parameters to be checked.
[in]minMinimum of allowed range. min itself counts as disallowed.
[in]maxMaximum of allowed range. max itself counts as disallowed.
[in]limitsInAllowedRangeIf true, the limits passed as parameters are part of the allowed range.
[in]extraMessageMessage that should be appended to the warning.

Definition at line 118 of file RooHelpers.cxx.

◆ cloneTreeWithSameParameters()

template<class T >
std::unique_ptr< T > RooHelpers::cloneTreeWithSameParameters ( T const &  arg,
RooArgSet const *  observables = nullptr 

Clone RooAbsArg object and reattach to original parameters.

Definition at line 80 of file RooFitImplHelpers.h.

◆ getBinnedL()

BinnedLOutput RooHelpers::getBinnedL ( RooAbsPdf const &  pdf)

◆ getColonSeparatedNameString()

std::string RooHelpers::getColonSeparatedNameString ( RooArgSet const &  argSet,
char  delim = ':' 

◆ getRangeNameForSimComponent()

std::string RooHelpers::getRangeNameForSimComponent ( std::string const &  rangeName,
bool  splitRange,
std::string const &  catName 

◆ getRangeOrBinningInterval()

std::pair< double, double > RooHelpers::getRangeOrBinningInterval ( RooAbsArg const *  arg,
const char *  rangeName 

◆ getSortedComputationGraph()

void RooHelpers::getSortedComputationGraph ( RooAbsArg const &  func,
RooArgSet out 

◆ selectFromArgSet()

RooArgSet RooHelpers::selectFromArgSet ( RooArgSet const &  ,
std::string const &  names