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RooStats::HistFactory Namespace Reference


namespace  Constraint
namespace  Detail


class  Asimov
 TODO Here, we are missing some documentation. More...
class  Channel
 This class encapsulates all information for the statistical interpretation of one experiment. More...
class  ConfigParser
 TODO Add documentation. More...
class  Data
class  FlexibleInterpVar
class  hf_exc
class  HistFactoryNavigation
class  HistoFactor
 Configuration for an *un*constrained, coherent shape variation of affected samples. More...
class  HistogramUncertaintyBase
 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Base class to store the up and down variations for histogram uncertainties. More...
class  HistoSys
 Configuration for a constrained, coherent shape variation of affected samples. More...
class  HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast
 This class provides helper functions for creating likelihood models from histograms. More...
class  HistRef
 Internal class wrapping an histogram and managing its content. More...
class  LinInterpVar
 RooAbsReal that does piecewise-linear interpolations. More...
class  Measurement
 The RooStats::HistFactory::Measurement class can be used to construct a model by combining multiple RooStats::HistFactory::Channel objects. More...
class  NormFactor
 Configuration for an un- constrained overall systematic to scale sample normalisations. More...
class  OverallSys
 Configuration for a constrained overall systematic to scale sample normalisations. More...
class  PreprocessFunction
class  RooBarlowBeestonLL
 Class RooBarlowBeestonLL implements the profile likelihood estimator for a given likelihood and set of parameters of interest. More...
class  Sample
class  ShapeFactor
 *Un*constrained bin-by-bin variation of affected histogram. More...
class  ShapeSys
 Constrained bin-by-bin variation of affected histogram. More...
class  StatError
 Statistical error of Monte Carlo predictions. More...
class  StatErrorConfig
 Configuration to automatically assign nuisance parameters for the statistical error of the Monte Carlo simulations. More...


std::string channelNameFromPdf (RooAbsPdf *channelPdf)
void FactorizeHistFactoryPdf (const RooArgSet &, RooAbsPdf &, RooArgList &, RooArgList &)
void fastDriver (std::string const &input, HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast::Configuration const &cfg)
void FitModel (RooWorkspace *, std::string data_name="obsData")
void FitModelAndPlot (const std::string &measurementName, const std::string &fileNamePrefix, RooWorkspace &, std::string, std::string, TFile &, std::ostream &)
void FormatFrameForLikelihood (RooPlot *frame, std::string xTitle=std::string("#sigma / #sigma_{SM}"), std::string yTitle=std::string("-log likelihood"))
void getDataValuesForObservables (std::map< std::string, std::vector< double > > &ChannelBinDataMap, RooAbsData *data, RooAbsPdf *simPdf)
int getStatUncertaintyConstraintTerm (RooArgList *constraints, RooRealVar *gamma_stat, RooAbsReal *&pois_mean, RooRealVar *&tau)
bool getStatUncertaintyFromChannel (RooAbsPdf *channel, ParamHistFunc *&paramfunc, RooArgList *gammaList)
RooAbsPdfgetSumPdfFromChannel (RooAbsPdf *channel)
RooFit::OwningPtr< RooWorkspaceMakeModelAndMeasurementFast (RooStats::HistFactory::Measurement &measurement, HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast::Configuration const &cfg={})


Channel BadChannel

Function Documentation

◆ fastDriver()

void RooStats::HistFactory::fastDriver ( std::string const &  input,
HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast::Configuration const &  cfg 

Definition at line 28 of file hist2workspace.cxx.

◆ FitModel()

void RooStats::HistFactory::FitModel ( RooWorkspace combined,
std::string  data_name = "obsData" 

Definition at line 410 of file MakeModelAndMeasurementsFast.cxx.

◆ FitModelAndPlot()

void RooStats::HistFactory::FitModelAndPlot ( const std::string &  measurementName,
const std::string &  fileNamePrefix,
RooWorkspace combined,
std::string  channel,
std::string  data_name,
TFile outFile,
std::ostream &  tableStream 

Definition at line 271 of file MakeModelAndMeasurementsFast.cxx.

◆ FormatFrameForLikelihood()

void RooStats::HistFactory::FormatFrameForLikelihood ( RooPlot frame,
std::string  xTitle = std::string("#sigma / #sigma_{SM}"),
std::string  yTitle = std::string("-log likelihood") 

Definition at line 439 of file MakeModelAndMeasurementsFast.cxx.

◆ MakeModelAndMeasurementFast()

RooFit::OwningPtr< RooWorkspace > RooStats::HistFactory::MakeModelAndMeasurementFast ( RooStats::HistFactory::Measurement measurement,
HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast::Configuration const &  cfg = {} 

Variable Documentation

◆ BadChannel

Channel RooStats::HistFactory::BadChannel

Definition at line 44 of file Channel.cxx.