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ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel Struct Reference

Data structure for the fit panel.

Definition at line 37 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.


struct  RComboBoxItem
 Generic item for ui5 ComboBox. More...
struct  RFuncPar
 Function parameter info, used in edit parameters dialog. More...
struct  RFuncParsList
 Class used to transfer functions parameters list from/to client. More...
struct  RItemInfo
 Basic function info, used in combo boxes. More...
struct  RMethodInfo
struct  RMinimezerAlgorithm
 Entry in minimizer algorithm combo. More...

Public Types

enum  EFitObjectType {
  kObjectNone , kObjectHisto , kObjectGraph , kObjectGraph2D ,
  kObjectHStack , kObjectMultiGraph , kObjectNotSupported

Public Member Functions

 RFitPanelModel ()=default
TString GetDrawOption ()
 Retrun draw option - dummy now.
Foption_t GetFitOptions ()
 Provide initialized Foption_t instance.
ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions GetMinimizerOptions ()
 Provide initialized ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions instance.
ROOT::Fit::DataRange GetRanges ()
bool HasFunction (const std::string &id)
 Check if function id is exists.
void Initialize ()
 Initialize model - set some meaningful default values.
bool IsDataSelected () const
void SelectedFunc (const std::string &name, TF1 *func)
 Select function.
bool SelectHistogram (const std::string &hname, TH1 *hist)
void SetObjectKind (EFitObjectType kind)
 Update setting dependent from object type.
void UpdateAdvanced (TFitResult *res)
 Update advanced parameters associated with fit function.
void UpdateRange (TH1 *hist)
 Update range values.

Public Attributes

bool fAddToList {false}
std::vector< RComboBoxItemfAdvancedPars
std::string fAdvancedTab
bool fAllWeights1 {false}
bool fBestErrors {false}
std::string fConfidenceColor
 Confidence sub-tab.
float fConfidenceLevel {0.683}
std::string fContourColor
std::string fContourPar1Id
std::string fContourPar2Id
int fContourPoints {0}
 Contour sub-tab.
bool fContourSuperImpose {false}
std::vector< RItemInfofDataSet
 list of available data sources
EFitObjectType fDataType {kObjectNone}
 selected object type, provided by server
int fDim {0}
 number of dimensions in selected data object
bool fEmptyBins1 {false}
float fErrorDef {1.00}
int fFitMethod {0}
 selected fit method
std::vector< RMethodInfofFitMethods
 all supported for selected data
std::vector< RItemInfofFuncList
 all available fit functions
RFuncParsList fFuncPars
bool fHasAdvanced {false}
 Advanced Options.
bool fHasGenetics {false}
 is genetics available
bool fImproveFitResults {false}
bool fInitialized {false}
 ! indicates if data were initialized
bool fIntegral {false}
int fLibrary {0}
 selected minimization library
bool fLinearFit {false}
int fMaxIterations {0}
float fMaxRangeX {1}
float fMaxRangeY {1}
float fMaxTolerance {0.01}
std::vector< RMinimezerAlgorithmfMethodMinAll
 all items for all methods
float fMinRangeX {0}
float fMinRangeY {0}
bool fNoDrawing {false}
bool fNoStoreDraw {false}
int fPrint {0}
float fRangeX [2] = {0,1}
float fRangeY [2] = {0,1}
bool fRobust {false}
float fRobustLevel {0.95}
bool fSame {false}
std::string fScanColor
std::string fScanId
float fScanMax {0}
float fScanMin {0}
int fScanPoints {0}
std::string fSelectedData
 selected data
std::string fSelectedFunc
 id of selected fit function like dflt::gaus
std::string fSelectedTab
 key of selected tab, useful for drawing
int fSelectMethodMin {0}
float fStepX {0.01}
float fStepY {0.01}
std::string fTitle
 title of the fit panel
bool fUseGradient {false}
bool fUseRange {false}

#include <ROOT/RFitPanelModel.hxx>

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EFitObjectType


Definition at line 39 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RFitPanelModel()

ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::RFitPanelModel ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDrawOption()

TString ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::GetDrawOption ( )

Retrun draw option - dummy now.

Definition at line 441 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

◆ GetFitOptions()

Foption_t ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::GetFitOptions ( )

Provide initialized Foption_t instance.

Definition at line 342 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

◆ GetMinimizerOptions()

ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::GetMinimizerOptions ( )

Provide initialized ROOT::Math::MinimizerOptions instance.

Definition at line 387 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

◆ GetRanges()

ROOT::Fit::DataRange ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::GetRanges ( )

Definition at line 326 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

◆ HasFunction()

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::HasFunction ( const std::string &  id)

Check if function id is exists.

Definition at line 143 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

◆ Initialize()

void ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::Initialize ( )

Initialize model - set some meaningful default values.

Definition at line 175 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

◆ IsDataSelected()

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::IsDataSelected ( ) const

Definition at line 221 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ SelectedFunc()

void ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::SelectedFunc ( const std::string &  name,
TF1 func 

Select function.

Definition at line 158 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

◆ SelectHistogram()

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::SelectHistogram ( const std::string &  hname,
TH1 hist 

◆ SetObjectKind()

void ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::SetObjectKind ( EFitObjectType  kind)

Update setting dependent from object type.

Definition at line 252 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

◆ UpdateAdvanced()

void ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::UpdateAdvanced ( TFitResult res)

Update advanced parameters associated with fit function.

Definition at line 303 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

◆ UpdateRange()

void ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::UpdateRange ( TH1 hist)

Update range values.

Definition at line 112 of file RFitPanelModel.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAddToList

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fAddToList {false}

Definition at line 139 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fAdvancedPars

std::vector<RComboBoxItem> ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fAdvancedPars

Definition at line 183 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fAdvancedTab

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fAdvancedTab

Definition at line 182 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fAllWeights1

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fAllWeights1 {false}

Definition at line 138 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fBestErrors

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fBestErrors {false}

Definition at line 136 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fConfidenceColor

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fConfidenceColor

Confidence sub-tab.

Definition at line 201 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fConfidenceLevel

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fConfidenceLevel {0.683}

Definition at line 184 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fContourColor

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fContourColor

Definition at line 190 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fContourPar1Id

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fContourPar1Id

Definition at line 188 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fContourPar2Id

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fContourPar2Id

Definition at line 189 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fContourPoints

int ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fContourPoints {0}

Contour sub-tab.

Definition at line 187 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fContourSuperImpose

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fContourSuperImpose {false}

Definition at line 191 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fDataSet

std::vector<RItemInfo> ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fDataSet

list of available data sources

Definition at line 112 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fDataType

EFitObjectType ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fDataType {kObjectNone}

selected object type, provided by server

Definition at line 114 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fDim

int ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fDim {0}

number of dimensions in selected data object

Definition at line 116 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fEmptyBins1

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fEmptyBins1 {false}

Definition at line 140 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fErrorDef

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fErrorDef {1.00}

Definition at line 157 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fFitMethod

int ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fFitMethod {0}

selected fit method

Definition at line 127 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fFitMethods

std::vector<RMethodInfo> ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fFitMethods

all supported for selected data

Definition at line 126 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fFuncList

std::vector<RItemInfo> ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fFuncList

all available fit functions

Definition at line 118 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fFuncPars

RFuncParsList ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fFuncPars


Definition at line 177 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fHasAdvanced

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fHasAdvanced {false}

Advanced Options.

Definition at line 181 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fHasGenetics

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fHasGenetics {false}

is genetics available

Definition at line 153 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fImproveFitResults

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fImproveFitResults {false}

Definition at line 137 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fInitialized

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fInitialized {false}

! indicates if data were initialized

Definition at line 203 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fIntegral

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fIntegral {false}

Definition at line 134 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fLibrary

int ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fLibrary {0}

selected minimization library

Definition at line 152 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fLinearFit

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fLinearFit {false}

Definition at line 129 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fMaxIterations

int ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fMaxIterations {0}

Definition at line 159 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fMaxRangeX

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fMaxRangeX {1}

Definition at line 165 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fMaxRangeY

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fMaxRangeY {1}

Definition at line 170 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fMaxTolerance

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fMaxTolerance {0.01}

Definition at line 158 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fMethodMinAll

std::vector<RMinimezerAlgorithm> ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fMethodMinAll

all items for all methods

Definition at line 154 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fMinRangeX

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fMinRangeX {0}

Definition at line 164 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fMinRangeY

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fMinRangeY {0}

Definition at line 169 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fNoDrawing

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fNoDrawing {false}

Definition at line 145 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fNoStoreDraw

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fNoStoreDraw {false}

Definition at line 146 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fPrint

int ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fPrint {0}

Definition at line 160 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fRangeX

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fRangeX[2] = {0,1}

Definition at line 167 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fRangeY

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fRangeY[2] = {0,1}

Definition at line 172 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fRobust

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fRobust {false}

Definition at line 130 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fRobustLevel

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fRobustLevel {0.95}

Definition at line 131 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fSame

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fSame {false}

Definition at line 144 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fScanColor

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fScanColor

Definition at line 198 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fScanId

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fScanId

Definition at line 195 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fScanMax

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fScanMax {0}

Definition at line 197 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fScanMin

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fScanMin {0}

Definition at line 196 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fScanPoints

int ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fScanPoints {0}

Definition at line 194 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fSelectedData

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fSelectedData

selected data

Definition at line 113 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fSelectedFunc

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fSelectedFunc

id of selected fit function like dflt::gaus

Definition at line 119 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fSelectedTab

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fSelectedTab

key of selected tab, useful for drawing

Definition at line 121 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fSelectMethodMin

int ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fSelectMethodMin {0}

Definition at line 155 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fStepX

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fStepX {0.01}

Definition at line 166 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fStepY

float ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fStepY {0.01}

Definition at line 171 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fTitle

std::string ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fTitle

title of the fit panel

Definition at line 110 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fUseGradient

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fUseGradient {false}

Definition at line 141 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

◆ fUseRange

bool ROOT::Experimental::RFitPanelModel::fUseRange {false}

Definition at line 135 of file RFitPanelModel.hxx.

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