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TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t Struct Reference

Definition at line 30 of file TX11GL.cxx.

Public Member Functions

 TGLContext_t ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< UChar_tfBUBuffer
Bool_t fDirect
GC fDirectGC
GLXContext fGLXContext
UInt_t fH
GC fPixmapGC
Int_t fPixmapIndex
UInt_t fW
Int_t fWindowIndex
Int_t fX
Pixmap fX11Pixmap
Int_t fY

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TGLContext_t()

TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::TGLContext_t ( )

Definition at line 32 of file TX11GL.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fBUBuffer

std::vector<UChar_t> TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fBUBuffer

Definition at line 52 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fDirect

Bool_t TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fDirect

Definition at line 49 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fDirectGC

GC TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fDirectGC

Definition at line 55 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fGLXContext

GLXContext TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fGLXContext

Definition at line 48 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fH

UInt_t TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fH

Definition at line 43 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fNextFreeContext

TGLContext_t* TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fNextFreeContext

Definition at line 54 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fPixmapGC

GC TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fPixmapGC

Definition at line 56 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fPixmapIndex

Int_t TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fPixmapIndex

Definition at line 38 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fW

UInt_t TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fW

Definition at line 42 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fWindowIndex

Int_t TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fWindowIndex

Definition at line 37 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fX

Int_t TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fX

Definition at line 45 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fX11Pixmap

Pixmap TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fX11Pixmap

Definition at line 40 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fXImage

XImage* TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fXImage

Definition at line 51 of file TX11GL.cxx.

◆ fY

Int_t TX11GLManager::TGLContext_t::fY

Definition at line 46 of file TX11GL.cxx.

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