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DaemonUtils.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include "TSocket.h"
#include "TSeqCollection.h"
#include "NetErrors.h"
#include "rpddefs.h"
#include "rpdp.h"
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 Namespace for new ROOT classes and functions.


typedef void(* ErrorHandler_t) (int level, const char *msg, int size)


Int_t SrvAuthImpl (TSocket *socket, const char *, const char *, std::string &user, Int_t &meth, Int_t &type, std::string &ctoken, TSeqCollection *)
 Server authentication code. More...
Int_t SrvClupImpl (TSeqCollection *)
 Wrapper to cleanup code. More...
void ROOT::SrvSetSocket (TSocket *Socket)
 Fill socket parameters. More...


ErrorHandler_t ROOT::gErr
ErrorHandler_t ROOT::gErrFatal
ErrorHandler_t ROOT::gErrSys

Typedef Documentation

◆ ErrorHandler_t

typedef void(* ErrorHandler_t) (int level, const char *msg, int size)

Definition at line 40 of file DaemonUtils.h.

Function Documentation

◆ SrvAuthImpl()

Int_t SrvAuthImpl ( TSocket socket,
const char *  confdir,
const char *  tmpdir,
string &  user,
Int_t meth,
Int_t type,
string &  ctoken,
TSeqCollection secctxlist 

Server authentication code.

Returns 0 in case authentication failed 1 in case of success On success, returns authenticated username in user

Definition at line 210 of file DaemonUtils.cxx.

◆ SrvClupImpl()

Int_t SrvClupImpl ( TSeqCollection )

Wrapper to cleanup code.

Definition at line 189 of file DaemonUtils.cxx.